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A special day for me and a large tree

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jura2 Sun 22-Dec-19 18:32:09

... we met 49 years ago today- the car I was in wrapped around it and broke in half, with me in the middle. The whole of my right side was smashed, knee and femur broken to smithereens and several skull fractures.

4.5 months in traction, fell broke leg again- and another 3 months in hospital - and 2 years to learn to walk again. We both survived- the rest is history.

I often drive by the tree and wave- a massive scar on the side but it is doing well- next year I shall put a massive bow around it - long may we both live- well it will probably outlive all of us. A maple.

jura2 Sun 22-Dec-19 18:32:32

How rude- for a large tree... and me.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 22-Dec-19 18:47:06

What a horrible experience, so pleased you both survived.

Stansgran Sun 22-Dec-19 18:51:36

How did the maple get on the road. Perhaps it was really an ent. smile

jura2 Sun 22-Dec-19 20:41:11

it was at the side- and the friend driving the car 'lost it' on slushy snow as she overtook a lorry - we spun and hit the tree sideways and it broke in two- her young son and herself in the front were totally unharmed. Fortunately I was in a coma and can't remember a thing.

She was driving me home from work to avoid the train journey, as I was leaving early in the morning to spend Christmas in Surrey with future OH and family, to plan February wedding ...(which of course did not happen then - a long story).

Greenfinch Sun 22-Dec-19 20:46:22

Oh dear! Glad you lived to tell the tale.

Suki70 Sun 22-Dec-19 22:52:35

jura2 What an anniversary! So pleased you and the tree survived to celebrate it.

Smileless2012 Sun 22-Dec-19 23:01:55

Will it be a gold bow jura to mark your 50th anniversary? An amazing storytchsmile.

Doodle Sun 22-Dec-19 23:02:04

What a terrible accident. Glad you survived. Makes you realise how precious life is doesn’t it.