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Skinny teens

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Gingster Thu 26-Dec-19 21:45:20

Mt 13 yr old twin grandsons are growing taller every time I see them, but they are all skin and bones. They eat all the time and are very active but I can’t help but worry. Should I be worried?

willa45 Fri 27-Dec-19 17:11:11

Likewise, my 16 year old grandson is a 'rail'. He's 6 ft. tall and 6" wide (just kidding). This Christmas, we got him a Denim jacket, men size Small. When he tried it on, it even fit him a lot more generously than we thought.

Parklife1 Sat 28-Dec-19 12:12:46

My grandson is exactly like his father was at his age. Thin as a rake. Now his dad has to be careful what he eats and take exercise, to avoid the spread round the middle.