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MawB Sun 29-Dec-19 00:43:15

The inevitable has happened- the eating and drinking over Christmas has nudged my weight over the next “boundary” (won’t say what it is) and I dare not wait until the New Year to start my attempt to get it under control, so I am using a JL voucher to buy a Fitbit in an attempt to motivate myself.
What advice can anybody give me on how to make this work for me? I know I spend far too much time on my backside and despite having Hattie do not walk (or exercise in any way ) nearly enough.
All suggestions gratefully received! 🚶‍♀️🐕 🚶‍♀️🐕 🚶‍♀️

mumofmadboys Sun 29-Dec-19 06:26:27

I weigh myself every day which seems a bit obsessive but if I put on a pound I am immediately alerted and cut back. I would just plan to walk more and eat less. Keep it simple! Especially with Hattie - will she enjoy more walks?

MawB Sun 29-Dec-19 06:32:00

MOMB she’s a greyhound - the laziest breed on earth, they don’t call them 40mph couch potatoes for nothing! grin

mumofmadboys Sun 29-Dec-19 06:51:36

Perhaps you 'll have to do some walks by yourself,Maw!!

MawB Sun 29-Dec-19 07:07:41

You can see perhaps, why we are so well matched hmm

Jane10 Sun 29-Dec-19 07:44:56

I'd like a fitbit but got so confused over the choice that I gave up (and sat back down!).
I go to 2 aquafit classes and a yoga class each week. There's something about being 'booked in' for them ie committed that helps. I couldn't just decide not to go.
I've got a basic step counter too and shock myself on some days how few steps I'm taking. On other days I'm surprised how far I seem to have accidentally walked. I now always take the stairs and we're a fourth floor flat.

craftyone Sun 29-Dec-19 07:52:22

I had one once, the plastic strap started to irritate my wrist very badly and I had to stop wearing it. I did buy myself a roger black indoor cycle from argos the other day and its so easy to motivate myself grin I get on it to watch a film, no effort to get the legs moving and I just pedal a bit faster to get slightly out of breath from time to time. Then I feel virtuous for the rest of the day. It looks ok in my living room too

Humbertbear Sun 29-Dec-19 08:40:31

The Fitbit will monitor your activity during the day. It will tell you if you should get up and walk around like mumofmadboys I weigh myself daily and I really find that helps keep me on track. You don’t have to spend too much money. My daughter’s Fitbit was on sale at Argos (other shops available) for £49.99 and she can even swim with it on

inkycog Sun 29-Dec-19 08:46:31

Really basic, but you can count steps on your phone. I try for 5000 a day and will build up.

If it was " just" about calories in and out and weighing every day and so on, we wouldn't be overweight possibly. I over consume because it fills a hole.

lavenderzen Sun 29-Dec-19 08:54:20

I don't have a "fitbit" but will try to start with a diet in the New Year and walk more. I have a little dog (new to me) who enjoys his walks and I am trying to go a bit further every day.

Hatti is lovely MawB and looks very much at home on the sofa (with her leg hanging over grin )

EllanVannin Sun 29-Dec-19 09:09:06

Daily weighing isn't advisable really as some days we carry a bit more water than other days which creates fluctuations in weight, it's not fat.
Walking is the best cardio exercise but I'm not sure it sheds the weight because as it helps keep the muscles healthy and it's the muscle that weighs heavier than fat, so dieting to " lose fat " isn't always necessary------eating less is !

oldgimmer1 Sun 29-Dec-19 09:19:02

Beautiful dog.

You never see chubby greyhounds, do you? Perhaps you should ask Hatti what her secret is? wink

I used to have a Fitbit (I've lost it) which was connected to my phone. I found it useful as you can monitor your activity very closely and it's always there, keeping a watchful eye.

I've just bought myself a smart watch which I prefer as it's more attractive.

It works via Bluetooth. You set it up with your weight and height and it counts steps and calories expended simultaneously. You can set up workouts on it as well.

I've become horribly aware of how little I can eat and how inactive I am.( I only expend around 1400/1500 calories a day including activity calories).

MarySunshine Sun 29-Dec-19 09:26:08

A simple way to start logging exercise (and get some really good starters tips) is via the website You download the app to your phone and register yourself and it will keep track of your steps for you. 5000 steps a day is a good aim for someone unused to walking. The site also offers some great tips for healthy walking.

Once you have accustomed yourself to daily walks, a fit bit is a great way to stay motivated. When I first had one, I became a little 'obsessed' with hitting my targets. My fitbit reminds me I have to move for 250 steps every hour. I have a fitbit charge 3 and to be honest it is probably a little advanced for your life style, as it is mine, and I try to walk 12000 steps daily!!
Fitbit has a great community website, and Im sure if you posted on there you would have some good advice about the best choice in fitbit to suit you. They can be a lot of money and you dont want to make a wrong choice...

Jane10 Sun 29-Dec-19 09:31:38

I downloaded the 'Active 10' thingy but it's on my phone which I keep in my handbag so it doesn't know every step I take. I'd need something I keep ony body. My step counter clips neatly on to my waistband and is very easy to use.

Iam64 Sun 29-Dec-19 09:37:50

I have a Fitbit Maw. It has encouraged me to walk 10,000 daily. I usually manage it but I realise its an odd thing to have my day linked so closely to a bit of tech.

One positive is it tracks my sleep. That has encouraged me to close screens down early evening and go to bed slightly earlier so I can read and relax. OK read and fall asleep whilst doing so.

dragonfly46 Sun 29-Dec-19 09:57:58

I had a Fitbit and used it all the time. It was so exciting when it buzzed to tell me I had done 10,000 steps.

I now have a smart watch which gives me much more info - heart beat etc. Finding it hard to do 10,000 steps at the moment but my watch tell me when I should stand up and move around and gives me breathing exercises. I also compete with my DD but fail miserably!

Nicky7of7 Sun 29-Dec-19 10:19:11

Last year I was diagnosed withCOPD which was a real shock. I have a Fitbit Alta HR and have it set to 8000 steps per day as it’s so cold and wet just now. It monitors my heart rate and sleeping and reminds me to do 250 steps an hour. I manually monitor my diet and weight to keep my BMI within the limit! A bit obsessive but it works for me! My family and my friend are all linked to it so we can have challenges and encourage each other to keep fit! Good luck and if you get on you can send me a friend request so we can encourage each other if you would like.

TillyWhiz Sun 29-Dec-19 10:36:16

Being told I was overweight and prediabetic a good friend lent me a Fitbit. I love it - I started with 1000 steps daily and built myself up to 10000 with its encouragement. If I'm sat down too long, there is a vibration on my wrist with a message to do a few steps. And I usually do. I've gone down a size so I am really pleased and I feel so much fitter.

Lydia30 Sun 29-Dec-19 10:45:35

I've been using a fitbit for the past 3 years, it's made such a difference to me. When I started using it my resting heart rate was in the low 70s and now it's usually between 58-62.

I would recommend setting your goal low and gradually working up. Rather than a daily goal I set myself a weekly goal. Some days I can't do my 10,000 steps so I aim for 70,000 a week which works better. We bought our 12 year old granddaughter a fitbit for Christmas, the challenges start on Monday, I will beat her grin

Like @Nicky7of7 I also do challenges and I'm in a group with some other ladies and we do a challenge most weeks. I'm happy to become your friend on fitbit if you want more motivation. Good luck @MawB

inishowen Sun 29-Dec-19 10:48:22

Someone bought my 7 year old granddaughter one. She is a bit tubby. She said this morning she'd ridden her bike for a set amount of time. Maybe this is better for a child than any sort of diet.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 29-Dec-19 10:50:58

Aww your dog is cute, I’ve never owned a fit bit sounds good though, I use my phone for steps etc, and try and eat less exercise more

MawB Sun 29-Dec-19 10:52:07

Thank you for the encouragement- I hope to pick it up on Tuesday - will let you know how I get on!

Hm999 Sun 29-Dec-19 11:08:37

I love my Fitbit. It records my steps every day on my tablet with no bother. I have a weekly target, and usually hit it.

Good luck

Alygran Sun 29-Dec-19 11:15:25

Another Fitbit fan here. Had one for nearly 4 years. DGS has one now. DDs got theirs 5 years ago. Have just been to the park to play football. 3000 steps done. I participate in challenges with friends and family. Good for motivation for me as I am pretty lazy by nature!

Parky Sun 29-Dec-19 11:17:09

I have a fitbit Charge 3, which is a nice slimline watch. I am so happy with it. It counts my steps (I too do workweek challenge and try not to be last!) Tells me heart rate and how well I slept.

I don't need anything more from it, although I do try and move when it tells me I have been sitting too long..
Good luck and enjoy