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Dry January

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Teetime Mon 13-Jan-20 09:02:00

12 days dry now - anyone else with me?

Magsymoo Mon 13-Jan-20 17:45:11

Me too but I'd love a G&T in the evenings. However, I'm sleeping well, feel well so will persevere.

BlueSky Mon 13-Jan-20 18:45:25

I stopped drinking last year, after a health scare more than anything else. I'd eventually managed to drink a bottle of whisky a week but I felt great. Actually felt better than I do now that I've become virtually T total! Still well done those of you who want to cut down/stop drinking.

Jane43 Sat 18-Jan-20 10:41:15

Well done to all of you who have stopped drinking, be it for January or permanently. I had to stop my weekly half bottle of wine about four years ago as it started to disagree with me so it hasn’t been hard for me. I just have a glass of wine or a G & T on special occasions.

gillybob Sat 18-Jan-20 10:43:45

Haven’t touched a drop of alcohol for over 4 months now. Don’t feel a tiny bit of benefit though. No weight loss either .

Marydoll Sat 18-Jan-20 10:51:39

Gillybob, I'm the same as you. I haven't had any alcohol for a year, due to my medication and will never be able to have any again.
I have lost no weight sad and don't feel any specific benefits.
I wasn't a great drinker, but I did enjoy a nice glass of wine at weekends. Fake Prosecco just isn't the same on a special occasion!!!

EllanVannin Sat 18-Jan-20 11:05:19

I haven't drank for a number of years now and used to enjoy wine with my meals, a whisky and dry ginger and cocktails-------not all at once mind you.
Much like Marydoll, it's the medication that has put me off, warfarin for a start doesn't mix too well with alcohol and the thought of bleeding to death scares me so that was that.

I confess to having a capful of dark rum with hot water and a bit of sugar for the lurgy I've had recently, but I couldn't see the harm in that, it was soothing in the tum.

BlueSky Sat 18-Jan-20 11:45:44

Apparently one unit a day is actually good for us older ladies. Obviously if it's OK with your medication or health condition.

Greeneyedgirl Sat 01-Feb-20 16:40:43

Hurrah! Dry Jan over and I managed it, despite Burns Night and other distractions.
No weight loss, slept the same, and no obvious benefits, so may think twice before doing same next year. Life's too short smile
Continuing with other resolution. No new clothes buying for the year, and deleted clothing website temptations. We'll see......but
I have purchased a rather lovely oak framed round mirror from JL........