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Doctors appointments - or lack of

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Smiley4 Fri 14-Feb-20 20:27:04

I’m in bed, had a cold that got worse and has now developed into bronchitis. I can’t sleep for coughing, my chest hurts, temperature, headache etc etc.
I can’t get a doctors appointment until 24th of March! Is this how it is these days. I could be dead by then.
Not that they give out antibiotics anymore anyway. Anyone any home cures for bronchitis?..

varian Fri 14-Feb-20 20:28:07

Don't vote Tory

Sparklefizz Fri 14-Feb-20 20:31:04

Have you tried for a telephone appointment? You couldn't turn up at the surgery with all of that, and pass your germs round to everyone. Echinaforce by A. Vogel available from Amazon is nearly as good as antibiotics, if not better. Certainly no side effects. I take it at the first sign of going down with something.

Hope you soon feel better.

janeainsworth Fri 14-Feb-20 21:08:51

Have you actually phoned the surgery and described your symptoms Smiley, or just looked online for an appointment?
If you have, and they have refused you an urgent appointment, I would ring 111 for advice. I think I would be worried about the possibility of pneumonia.

Beswitched Fri 14-Feb-20 21:24:57

I live in Ireland where we don't automatically get free gp care. Medical cards are means tested and most people pay.

When I read the experiences of people on British websites I am glad this is the case. We would never have to wait more than a day to get a gp appointment. Six weeks is absolutely crazy. I can't imagine living in a country where is considered acceptable.

ExperiencedNotOld Fri 14-Feb-20 21:47:47

Is there not a walk-in centre in your local town or at the nearest hospital? In my experience you might have to wait a bit but you will get seen.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 14-Feb-20 22:07:05

We can ring in the morning and get an appointment with either a GP or Nurse Practitioner same day.

Willynilly Fri 14-Feb-20 22:13:58

Well yes Beswitched you don’t have to wait but it’s about €50 a visit to a GP (without insurance), but your waiting times to see a consultant under the government health scheme are appalling. Years for a cataract op. Having experienced both systems, the NHS is streets ahead, and what about prescription costs for those without insurance or medical cards? It may not be perfect here but my goodness, it could be so much worse.

May7 Fri 14-Feb-20 22:25:48

Smiley4 poor you it's horrible when you feel so ill and cant get a GP appointment. Have you tried some steam inhalation with Olbas oil that works really well for loosening up the chest . Paracetamol for fever and drink plenty of fluids. Keep warm stay indoors.Hope you recover soon 😷

Missfoodlove Fri 14-Feb-20 22:34:00

Here’s a link. I swear by this compound. It’s seriously helped an ill friend who had months of chest trouble, 2 courses of antibiotics failed to help

Esspee Fri 14-Feb-20 22:47:20

I am in the West of Scotland and can get an urgent same day or next day appointment if there is an urgent reason and I am willing to see any doctor.
My OH was referred to a cardiologist last week and three days later he was called and given an appointment with a specialist one week after the original GP consultation.

suziewoozie Fri 14-Feb-20 23:02:22

What janea said. I recently found out that an elderly neighbour of mine thought that the only appointments available were those listed online. I wonder how widespread this misconception is?

annep1 Fri 14-Feb-20 23:03:06

Beswitched main reason people here in NI worry about reunification. Having to pay for GP prescriptions and A&E.
We do wait for appointments but normally when it's important we get to see a dr quickly. My husband has had a virus which seemed to be getting worse and wanted his lungs checked. He rang at 8.30am today and saw the dr at
Smiley I thought bronchitis required antibiotics. Perhaps as advised ring 111.

annep1 Fri 14-Feb-20 23:07:04

Last week my husband had extreme vertigo and vomiting Dr came out.

Callistemon Fri 14-Feb-20 23:20:14

There are a,says emergency slots available; in our practice each doctor in turn deals with emergencies each day and the others take routine appointments.
With the symptoms you describe, smiley, it may not be wise to go to the surgery.

Ask if your GP will give youna consultation over the phone or phone 111.

Callistemon Fri 14-Feb-20 23:21:21

Not a'says

That should be daily emergency slots

gillybob Fri 14-Feb-20 23:37:08

We have to describe symptoms on line (in a few characters) and wait until a non medical person emails you back with either an appointment (if you are lucky) or a telephone call within 48 hours. It’s the most ridiculous system ever.

I agree that you should probably dial 111. I did this 2 weeks ago after being fobbed off by a receptionist at my GP and despite the fact that my DH has just spent months in the ICU and on life support. My DH ended up being blue lighted into hospital (again) . I’m really not sure what GP’s do anymore .

I’ve been waiting 16 weeks for an ENT appointment and have been told it will be at least another 3 weeks before I get a date . DH has been waiting for (what started as a relatively straight forward operation ) for 17 months . But because he was left waiting for so long, he became seriously ill he and wasn’t well enough to have the operation. You couldn’t even make it up .

Crikey I could write a book about the failings of the NHS .

Marydoll Sat 15-Feb-20 00:09:11

I'm in the West of Scotland and also can usually get an urgent appointment the same day or be triaged, where a nurse or GP phones you back.
I recently phoned to leave a message for my GP, but was immediately triaged by the receptionist when I explained my concerns.
However, it's really difficult to get an advance appointment, even if you try online.

Marydoll Sat 15-Feb-20 00:12:53

I meant to say that a friend of mine works in a doctor's surgery, he advises phoning 111 if you can't get an urgent GP appointment. Apparently, if necessary they will contact your GP's surgery if they think you need to see someone.

notanan2 Sat 15-Feb-20 00:20:21

RI has been all over the news for people waiting DAYS on hospital trollies! Heads roll here if anyone breaches 4 hours on a trolly so as fair as waiting goes, I would rather wait for a gp than wait for an emergency hospital bed!

notanan2 Sat 15-Feb-20 00:21:26

Have you tried 111 Op?

notanan2 Sat 15-Feb-20 00:26:41

Or is there anyone who can go and speak to a pharmacist for you for advice?

notanan2 Sat 15-Feb-20 00:28:02

We would never have to wait more than a day to get a gp appointment.

Yeah. We can pay to see gps here too with little or no triage. There are plenty of private GP services about. We have that too...

May7 Sat 15-Feb-20 09:36:26

I’ve been waiting 16 weeks for an ENT appointment

Dreadful isnt it but my DH has been given a referral for ENT and we have to wait 45 weeks just for an appointment to see consultant in our area

Head in my hands 😱

gillybob Sat 15-Feb-20 09:40:29

Yes indeed May7 I am told that even when I eventually do get the appointment it could be for months ahead.