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Hiatus Hernia with no reflux

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Beau1958 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:16:43

I’ve been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and polyps having an endoscopy this week. I don’t ever get heartburn or acid reflux so I was surprised to have a hernia. I get flare ups of bloating nausea with vomiting every now and then but it’s got worse these last few months hence going to the doctors. I always put it down to ibs which I’ve had for years. I’ve stopped having acidic foods, fatty foods and my consultant has put me on a low fibre diet so stop any irritation in my gut. Does anyone else suffer from my type of flare ups with hernia and polyps ? I feel like I’m so restricted now which what I can eat.

hollysteers Mon 02-Mar-20 01:10:24

You have my sympathy Beau1958 as I have a hiatus hernia arising from surgery. However I do get reflux and heartburn so take omeprazole. I also find it can go into a severe spasm and have had to walk out of a restaurant doubled up when my son made me laugh so much! I’m rather lazy about what I eat which is naughty, but I would definitely avoid eating a lot just before bed. I’m a martyr to my stomach and it feels like a balancing act with good old sennecot. It can ruin trips away and I just keep my fingers crossed as don’t want more surgery having had quite a bit.
I’ve had IBS for years and it used to be called “a nervous stomach” Jack Kennedy suffered from it.
I’ve stopped wearing anything tight around my waist and am glad pinafore dresses are in fashion👗 I hope it settles down for you, it sounds as if you are on no medication for it?

Beau1958 Wed 04-Mar-20 11:57:58

Thanks hollysteers no I’m not on any medication. I’m trying to get to the bottom of all my symptoms by having tests. Yes I agree with you about the nervous stomach ive had ibs for years. I was lazy aswell with my diet and keep having flare ups every month or so which used to ruin any plans I may have as I’d be unwell for a couple of days. So I’m now on a low fibre low fat and low acid diet it’s so hard my diet now is so bland and boring but my stomach feel less tender. I’m only a slim 8 stone so trying to keep weight on is hard. Thanks for your advice.