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Do i attend hospital appointment?

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Ngaio1 Tue 10-Mar-20 12:34:18

I have an audio test tomorrow morning. Is the current advice to cancel any non-urgent appointments and rebook?

Marydoll Tue 10-Mar-20 12:52:58

I have had a number of appointments in the last few weeeks and an admission to the day ward in a few weeks, I have been advised to come. Take precautions, use the hand gel available, bring wipes.

There was a thread about this last week.

boheminan Tue 10-Mar-20 13:00:53

I accompanied a friend to a long standing hospital non urgent appointment (in a large general hospital) yesterday afternoon.

There were hand sanitizers everywhere, which just about everyone was using. From my observation of patients being called out there was pretty much 100% attendance - and not a face mask to be seen. So I'd say go to your test tomorrow, I think it's more annoying to hospital staff when patients don't turn up for appointments...

Megs36 Tue 10-Mar-20 15:25:16

I too have a hospital app next week, quite quick, only saw doc on Sat, so scary, I will keep it and hope for the best, I think it would be cancelled if necessary.

beverly10 Tue 10-Mar-20 15:30:04

Unless you have a cough/cold keep your appointment.

GrandmaJan Tue 10-Mar-20 15:33:47

Business as usual is what we are told unless you’re unwell, cough, cold etc

Alishka Tue 10-Mar-20 15:43:46

On the other hand, my dr.phoned me on Sat morning and that also accounted for the missed call I had on Friday night.
I was expected to make an appt for this week but her call obviated that.
Thank you, Dr.X you're a Star!

Newquay Tue 10-Mar-20 17:52:38

We had a routine 6 monthly audiology appointment at local (v often v crowded and late!) hospital so we rang to cancel. Will remake appointment later on

SueDonim Tue 10-Mar-20 18:44:01

I had an outpatient appt yesterday. I’ve been waiting since September so I really didn’t want to cancel! The clinic was very quiet, I only saw four other patients in the department in the entire hour I was there.

Charleygirl5 Tue 10-Mar-20 19:14:29

I have an OPD appointment next Monday and I know from experience I will be there for many hours. I will use the hand gel provided and I will try not to sit with other patients if the sitting area is packed. Just applying common sense.

Megs36 Sat 14-Mar-20 14:35:05

I have asked this same thing on Chat. Good morning, ( now involves another appointment for myhusband too) but have had no answer,advice or comment.

Marydoll Sat 14-Mar-20 16:33:20

Megs, only you know your personL circumstances, no- one but you, can make the decision. However, if it was me and I needed an urgent appointment, I would go.
Once the virus peaks appointments will be cancelled and you could wait ages for a new one.
Take precautions use the gel, use wipes, wash your hands and be careful.
Many of us are in a similar position.
You just have to weigh up the risks against the need for treatment.

Hetty58 Sat 14-Mar-20 16:38:22

Also, be very strict about not touching your face!

monk08 Sat 14-Mar-20 16:58:46

Hospital rang to cancel husbands appt for next week said they would be giving him a phone consultation.

harrigran Sat 14-Mar-20 17:29:45

Hospital rang to say DH's appointment with Oncologist next week will be a telephone conversation at the appointment time.
GP practice are only doing phone consultations.
My last visit to the surgery was two weeks ago, thankfully I did not get recalled about blood test.

Suki70 Sat 14-Mar-20 18:04:48

I had a hospital appointment with an Opthalmologist Consultant yesterday, for which I'd waited three months. Went in at the last possible minute for the 9.30 appointment and was dismayed to find all three waiting areas crowded. Saw three members of staff for various tests and left at 12.45. A heath care assistant apologised for delays but said they were short staffed and she was there on her day off. I was told appoinments were likely to be cancelled in the next two weeks, the Consultant invited me to join him in washing my hands and apologised for having to put on a mask but had just had a message instructing him to do so from now on.
In the blood testing room, the chairs and pillows were all wiped down after each patient. I left with the utmost admiration for all the staff.

beverly10 Mon 16-Mar-20 10:30:30

Suki 70
Wiping chairs etc down after each patient should be standard practice not just because there is now a life threatening virus in the world.

kircubbin2000 Mon 16-Mar-20 11:29:52

I'll have to go this morning as my stitches are due a check.

Franbern Mon 16-Mar-20 13:59:29

Due to have tooth taken out at dental surgery tomorrow. They have rung to confirm it will go ahead as normal