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Hospital appointment - should I go? Would you avoid or go?

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Debs551964 Tue 03-Mar-20 11:44:57

I have just been diagnosed with Vasculitis. A horrible disease which shoots your immune system to pieces as does the treatment for it.
Over the past month I've been having test to find out what type and where its affecting me. Monday I'm due to have a follow up with a view to treatment. I apologies if some of you are fed up with everything Coronavirus but I'm worried at putting myself at risk of contracting this when I attend my appointment Monday. I really don't what to do 😩 am I being over dramatic?
What do you ladies think I should do bearing in mind I'll likely be put on steroid + possibly another drug which is an immune suppressant Would you go still? I'd appreciate. your personal opinions on this please. DH is useless to communicate with me, me pretty much saying I'm being over dramatic.
Thank you x

geekesse Tue 03-Mar-20 11:49:06

DH is, I’m afraid, probably right here.

DoraMarr Tue 03-Mar-20 11:53:14

The chances of you catching Coronavirus are very low, but the chance of your quality of life being affected by vasculitis is high. Go to the appointment.

Septimia Tue 03-Mar-20 12:01:41

Of course you're worried, given the circumstances. However, the hospital knows your medical situation - obviously you'll be going to a department that deals with people with similar problems - and if they thought that there was any risk, they would surely let you know.

Getting the right treatment for your condition is important, so I would say 'Go' unless told otherwise and do all the sensible things like handwashing to protect yourself.

Marydoll Tue 03-Mar-20 12:09:38

I have a compromised immune system, but I was at hospital yesterday.
If you don't get treatment, you will be at an even greater risk. Go!
I about to receive treatment in hospital. which will compromise my immune system even further.
I intend to go ahead with it, Coronovirus or not!
You have to prioritise.

Debs551964 Tue 03-Mar-20 12:30:55

Ladies thank you so very much for helping me to decide. I will be going. Its important and as said if the hospital felt there was risk they would surely be in contact. 🤗😘

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 03-Mar-20 12:38:11

I'm glad you've decided to go Debs as this is by far the sensible option. There should be hand cleansers in all departments anyway which any right-minded person would use. Good luck.

dragonfly46 Tue 03-Mar-20 12:39:14

I am currently having chemo and I, maybe foolishly you would think, am not worried about Corona.
I advise you just to carry on as normal.

I remember an aunt of mine who at 97 sat up all night because it had been forecast a meteorite was going to collide with Earth.

JackyB Tue 03-Mar-20 12:44:58

And - did it, dragonfly? smile

Grandmafrench Tue 03-Mar-20 12:46:05

What a lovely story, dragonfly - it's a comfort to know that someone was going to deal with it grin

Charleygirl5 Tue 03-Mar-20 12:51:57

Please go- you may be a lot worse off if you stay at home without full diagnosis and treatment. Ignore your husband.

FlexibleFriend Tue 03-Mar-20 13:11:08

I had appointment at st Thomas' on 5th March which I've reluctantly cancelled. I have enough to deal with I'm not risking Corona virus too. They can make me a new appointment for a couple of months time and I'll re-evaluate then. No one else can tell us what we are willing risk.

Marydoll Tue 03-Mar-20 14:11:51

I think it's a matter of weighing everything up, considering the risks of Coronaviris against the risk of cancelling necessary treatment.
Some of us have no choice, but to go ahead with treatment, despite the possibility of catching the virus.
Each has to make up their own mind.
It's probably more risky going to the supermarket, in my opinion.

glammanana Tue 03-Mar-20 14:25:47

I am glad you have decided to go to your appointment you will be fine i'm sure just keep on top of the hand washing as advised.
I have started to walk to the shops/supermarket rather than bus it, far to many people coughing and spluttering for my mind some not using tissues and on a busy bus its not really recommended is it.

M0nica Tue 03-Mar-20 15:28:56

There are very few cases of corona virus present in Britain at the moment. Probably none in your area. In which case I would not think twice about attending a hospital appointment, better than the condition going critical because you missed the appointment and an emergency hospital admission becomes necessary in a month's time at the height of a potential Corona virus emergency.

Fiachna50 Tue 03-Mar-20 16:17:14

I would go. Do your handwashing and use the hospital sanitizer when there. You don't know when/if you will get another appointment if you cancel this one.

BlueBelle Tue 03-Mar-20 16:20:52

I m glad you’re going ...the hospital would have cancelled if there was a risk I m sure
I m certainly not changing any of my normal everyday life unless told there is a real risk in my area

bikergran Tue 03-Mar-20 16:48:49

The thing is we could also be sat next to, stood next to someone who has the flu or carrying the flu with no such symptoms at the time.

I have just been shopping Tesco/home bargain,all of which have trollies/baskets which 100s of people must have handled, people pick up goods then put them back down, its so difficult to keep track of what you have touched, door handles, cash machines,cash, free telephones in supermarkets, the list goes on..its very difficult to avoid, I think we can only take greater care and keep up the hand washing, its the first thing I do when I get back home before I do anything.

TrendyNannie6 Tue 03-Mar-20 16:59:44

I have hospital appointment next week and I will certainly be attending it, I’ve had compromised immune system for over 20 years, I won’t be missing it, as have to wait another few months to get another one, and I need to be checked regularly

eazybee Tue 03-Mar-20 17:48:42

Quite a few people are cancelling appointments; if there is an outbreak of Coronavirus vital treatment for other illnesses will be pushed back, and there will be a backlog of missed appointments to deal with; your condition may worsen.
If it were me, I would go.

MaggieTulliver Tue 03-Mar-20 17:56:59

Yes please go OP. I’m taking my 89 year old mum for a hospital appointment this week and wouldn’t dream of cancelling it because it’s treatment she needs. We need to keep this thing in perspective but I know his hard it is because the media is saturated with it.

Ellianne Tue 03-Mar-20 18:21:03

If you go to the VUK website they have information about vasculitis and Coronavirus. They are very informative without causing panic. They also gave a Facebook group.

maddyone Tue 03-Mar-20 18:26:09

Debs, you should go to your hospital appointment, there are currently only 51 cases in our entire population, the chances of you contracting Coronavirus are realistically nil.

maddyone Tue 03-Mar-20 18:27:30

I’ve got an appointment on Friday to get my cast taken off, I’m going.

watermeadow Tue 03-Mar-20 18:30:11

Unless you know that there are cases in your town you’re about as likely to catch plague as coronavirus.
After years of turning off the news every time they mentioned Brexit I’m doing the same with the C word. I dare say I shall hear if it reaches my street.