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No longer testing for CV.

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annep1 Fri 13-Mar-20 17:57:12

My son.and partner were sent home and are in isolation with symptoms. 111 tells them people are no longer being tested. They have to stay at home 7 days. Thats all the advice given (apart from handwashing etc ) Surely it's better to let people know if they have it or not. I don't understand this policy. And at what stage are you considered to be in need of hospitalisation, Seems a bit vague

annep1 Sat 14-Mar-20 16:32:53

That does actually make sense "grandmama*. So why are large events being cancelled, schools closed, self isolation recommended etc? What is the difference.?#gettingmoreconfused

MissAdventure Sat 14-Mar-20 16:37:18

To protect the vulnerable, as far as possible, because the more people who have it, even if it is mild, the more likely it is that vulnerable people will get it, with more serious consequences, potentially.

JaneA Sat 14-Mar-20 16:38:43

Have read that it was predicted in 2008 that this virus would occur in 2020 and it would disappear as quickly as it started then reappear again in 2030, then disappear for ever.

Hetty58 Sat 14-Mar-20 16:50:10

I can't help wondering how many people on here voted for the underfunding of our NHS and social care systems - and may now live to regret it.

Chestnut Sat 14-Mar-20 16:52:57

JaneA - where did you read that? Can you post a link?

hugshelp Sat 14-Mar-20 17:54:52

The USA have agreed to free testing for ALL Americans.
Whether this turns out to be right or wrong I'm massively impressed with the debating skills of Katie Porter

humptydumpty Sat 14-Mar-20 18:12:33

Since they had run out of testing kits, how can they now test everyone?!

Herbie9 Sat 14-Mar-20 20:36:35

Have just heard that Liverpool University has now been closed for rest of year!. Awaiting confirmation from granddaughter.

Nandalot Sat 14-Mar-20 21:52:29

A GP on ‘Any Answers’ said he was having to self isolate because although phoning 111 he wasn’t able to get a test done. As a result he is not able to treat any patients.

maddyone Sun 15-Mar-20 01:07:04

Thank you for the update (I didn’t look at Gransnet till now as we had family calling this afternoon.)
What you have both gone through sounds appalling. If I didn’t know you’ve actually experienced this I’d find it unbelievable. The awful thing is, it’s true.

Lynnabelle Sun 15-Mar-20 09:36:17

Considering that the latest is that anyone over 70 or having underlying conditions should self isolate, possibly for months , will this not apply to retired Nhs staff returning to work?

cupaffull Sun 15-Mar-20 10:13:06

The UK remit is that the population acquire herd immunity so they want us all to get CV, but most crucially.... not all at once. So why test then?

If you have symptoms, be it a cold, flu or CV, stay at home for 7 days when you're liable to be most infectious.
If your symptoms deteriorate or you have trouble breathing, ring 111.
Try as best as you can to manage this yourself as you would a cold.
We need to stagger the pressure on the NHS so by limiting group gatherings, less people are exposed all at once and the infection rate simmers along a baseline.
For most the illness will be self limiting and recovery spontaneous.
We need to assume if we have symptoms then we have CV and do as advised.

humptydumpty Sun 15-Mar-20 10:54:54

cupaffull - great, measured post.

maddyone Sun 15-Mar-20 11:38:07

Well I’m afraid I take issue with the government’s reasoning, at first I agreed with it, but as each day I hear, see, and learn more about this nasty virus, I’m afraid I don’t think we should all get it so as to acquire herd immunity. This is a new virus, the scientists have admitted they don’t know how it behaves yet. We may not be able to acquire herd immunity, it may not work like that, and we know it’s already mutated. There’s too much we don’t know about this virus. And the very idea that hand washing will prevent all the thousands of deaths is ludicrous. Of course we should wash our hands but I expect all the people around the world who have died from this were told to wash their hands, and no doubt they did wash their hands and they still died!
And we should be testing possible cases. We actually haven’t got the first idea just how many cases there are. Not the first idea!