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£3.2 million help for rough sleepers

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grannyactivist Tue 17-Mar-20 16:38:09

I've been deeply concerned at the lack of government support for rough sleepers. Until today the government guidelines have only covered hostels and day centres and haven't included a financial package. I've just had an email to say the government has announced emergency support of £3.2 million for councils to provide temporary emergency accommodation to help rough sleepers who need to self-isolate during the coronavirus emergency.

It's been very late in coming, but I'm delighted that this action has been taken.

sodapop Tue 17-Mar-20 17:24:40

We were only talking about this last night Grannyactivist and wondering if there would be any extra help for this very vulnerable group of people. I'm pleased its happening too.

CherryCezzy Tue 17-Mar-20 17:39:13

I'm pleased it's happening as I've been thinking about it a lot. £3.2 million is something but between all the councils and all the need I fear it is not enough.

Tweedle24 Tue 17-Mar-20 18:08:15

I have been worried about this. So glad something is being done.

grannyactivist Tue 17-Mar-20 18:21:27

This amount represents an initial first step to help local authorities and front line services put emergency measures in place, but it's already been acknowledged that more funding will be needed down the line.

I'm just relieved that this announcement signals a step change in the government's response and gives councils the green light to go ahead and house poorly people who would otherwise be ill on the streets.

growstuff Tue 17-Mar-20 18:44:34

It's probably not 100% altruistic. They don't want the homeless spreading the virus to pedestrians in the streets.