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The UK is more that London

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vampirequeen Tue 24-Mar-20 17:30:18

A new 4000 bed hospital. How lovely. I don't begrudge it to the people of London but the UK is bigger than one city. What about the rest of us?

MawB Tue 24-Mar-20 17:39:00

There are more cases in London than any other part of the country.
London is reckoned to be “2 weeks ahead” of the rest of the country in the diagnosis of cases.
At one large a London hospital (Northwick Park) they ran out of Covid beds at the weekend.
Yes there is more to the UK than London but does it not make sense to provide care where it is most needed.

Kittye Tue 24-Mar-20 17:47:00

There’s a couple of nice big houses in London that are empty now that their owners have escaped to their country mansions.
They’d make better hospitals than exhibition centres

MawB Tue 24-Mar-20 17:49:53

I doubt it Kittye - road access would be dire.

Ellianne Tue 24-Mar-20 17:56:00

Well maybe a nice big house in Windsor then?

notanan2 Tue 24-Mar-20 17:57:32

London is worst hit. If youre elsewhere be glad that they are the ones in trial and error mode. The rest of the country with benefit from lessons hard learnt in London right now 😔

nanaK54 Tue 24-Mar-20 17:59:22

I found that piece of news absolutely terrifying

notanan2 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:00:52

London are giunea pigs.
When the rest of us need field hospitals things will be slicker
Do not begrudge them

Sunlover Tue 24-Mar-20 18:03:33

My local hospital is Northwick Park. Scary to read. Staying in as much as is reasonably possible. A short walk to get fresh air is all I’m doing. My kids are doing the shopping.

gillybob Tue 24-Mar-20 18:05:41

There’s a perfect place in London . It has plenty rooms , good access and good parking too . I think the tenant is away right now .

Ellianne Tue 24-Mar-20 18:08:00

On a serious note, if the pace of the disease is quickest in London, then of course they need that facility first.

MawB Tue 24-Mar-20 18:13:42

Joking apart, the Excel conference centre is a huge site and well placed .
It’s not really a laughing matter is it?

Riverwalk Tue 24-Mar-20 18:25:48

It's not a bonus or a gift that we need a 4,000 bed field hospital - I truly hope that no other area will be in want of one.

Eighty seven deaths in the UK today, 21 of those in one London Trust.

notanan2 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:27:16

Scary times for London x
How anyone can watch and begrudge is beyond me!

Ellianne Tue 24-Mar-20 18:28:24

I'm not laughing, in fact I felt a bit sick when he announced that piece of news. I've been to many exhibitions and events there over the years, our grandchildren go to school a few miles away, many friends are keyworkers in my home city. They have to save as many lives as they can. The scary bit is that they are powerless to stop it spreading out of the capital.

Maggiemaybe Tue 24-Mar-20 18:29:27

thanks for all our London grans. It’s a city I love. Keep safe.

Missfoodlove Tue 24-Mar-20 18:37:03

Our local hospital is currently setting up a dedicated ICU it will be used for overspill.
London has a high concentration of people, it was always going to be the worst hit.
London needs it the most.

tanith Tue 24-Mar-20 18:38:01

That trust is also my local trust 21 deaths already is truly frightening. Thanks for the good wishes for those of you not in London I truly hope you won’t need those field hospitals.

SueDonim Tue 24-Mar-20 18:43:26

It seems sensible to place the new hospital where the biggest need is likely to arise. I think it’s also sensible to use that rather than some fusty old palace that is probably difficult to clean, has poor heating & ventilation and so on.

The situation at Northwick Park arose not so much because the ITU ran out of beds but because people and care homes were refusing to take their now-recovering relatives/residents home for fear of infection.

notanan2 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:46:12

Ask any builder. Its easier to work in a blank canvas space than an old building

Luckygirl Tue 24-Mar-20 18:53:27

I think Birmingham is looking at the NEC for a large facility for the West Midlands. They are negotiating refrigeration facilities at the moment - let us not think too hard about this.

Ellianne Tue 24-Mar-20 18:56:09

Isn't there a new hospital building somewhere in the north of England which was mothballed because it had structural issues? I think I'd be happy to take my chances in it, it isn't likely to fall down in the next year.

Charleygirl5 Tue 24-Mar-20 19:01:57

Sunlover and tanith- Northwick Park is also my local and I find it scary.

heath480 Tue 24-Mar-20 19:08:06

There are plans afoot in Birmingham to use the NEC complex as a hospital as well.

London is the worst affected that is why it is getting the first emergency facility.

CherryCezzy Tue 24-Mar-20 19:16:06

My partner and me don't live in London now but we used to. He was born in London and we lived there together or 5 years. The population of London is larger than the population of Wales & Scotland combined and the city's population live in high density environments. The city, both inner and greater, is being hit hard by this CV nightmare. I definitely do not begrudge a 4000 bed field hospital being provided, it should be even more if need be.