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Palliative Care? Relatives at home,have you stopped visiting.

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bikergran Tue 31-Mar-20 10:00:44

I'm sure there are a few out here who have relives, parents who are on Palliative care.

Have you stopped visiting? My mum is on Palliative care at home, shes not any any medication as on Morphine etc. as early stages, but she is weakening, her mental health has deteriorated since I said I'm not able to visit, she not got out of bed for three days now hardly eaten anything.

My mum had Mesothelioma cancer diagnosed last May (life expectancy around 12 months after diagnosis) so you can see why I'm anxious at not being able to go over (she lives 4 miles away)

Only 3 weeks ago we were all sat down at the table and I made meals nearly all week and she tucked in.

My dad has Parkinsons not bad, but enough for him to be upset and distressed.

My mum has a carer in each morning, but its the none contact with myself that is her downfall.

Any one else having to deal with this situation? have you come up with any solutions?I'm sure there are many others really struggling.

PM me if you don't want to put on open forum.