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Slipped down the stairs!

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GrandmasueUK Sat 25-Apr-20 16:06:38

This morning I managed to slip down the last few stairs. Scraped my elbow and seemed to bounce on every step. I'm well padded but have bruised my derriere and if I'd still got my coccyx I think it would have broken. I asked my OH to take a photo of it (nods to Phoenix) with my phone. He wanted to know if the camera had facial recognition. Not too sure what he was insinuating there ... Does he think my face and my bottom are interchangeable? confused Perhaps I should change my profile picture on Facebook - would anyone notice the difference?

Sussexborn Sat 25-Apr-20 16:10:25

Hope you are ok? The shock is as bad as the bruising. At least it wasn’t in public! Only way to find out if people would notice the difference is to try it and see.

CanadianGran Sat 25-Apr-20 16:14:55

Oh dear, hope you recover quickly! On the bright side, at least it was the last few steps and not slipping at the top of the stairs.

Feel better soon.

Maggiemaybe Sat 25-Apr-20 16:52:33

Ouch, commiserations, Grandmasue. I hope your poor derriere recovers quickly. Even though it was 30 odd years ago, I still haven't forgotten bouncing up and onto my coccyx when my sledge flew over a big stone on a particularly spectacular hill descent. Oh, the pain!

Katyj Sat 25-Apr-20 16:58:08

Oh no. Hope your feeling better. I did this once a long time ago, fell down the stairs and landed heavily on my bottom. I couldn’t sit on a hard chair for 2 years.

crazyH Sat 25-Apr-20 17:00:08

Hope you're feeling better GMSue - I had a very similar experience a few years ago. But your statement 'if I'd still got my coccyx " has intrigued me - where's it gone ? And, you DH query on 'facial recognition' made me laugh 😀

Jane10 Sat 25-Apr-20 17:30:32


EllanVannin Sat 25-Apr-20 17:50:46

I bet that brought tears to your eyes GrandmasueUK.
Hope you've got over the shock and are okay.

Septimia Sat 25-Apr-20 18:59:31

Ouch! I do hope the bruising goes soon.

On the subject of facial recognition on your phone, my mum always used to refer to one's derrière as one's 'Sunday Face' !

Bathsheba Sat 25-Apr-20 19:03:22

Ooh, I'm wincing on your behalf here. That must have been painful. (But forgive me for laughing out loud at your interchangeable face and bottom 😂😂😂)

I do hope the bruising goes down and you feel better very soon xx

Jane10 Sat 25-Apr-20 19:24:23

Reminds me of the rude riposte if someone asks if you've got a match - answer 'yes your face and my.....'
Oh you've got it!

grannysyb Sat 25-Apr-20 20:24:10

Ouch! I'm sure you felt really shaken up, it's scary. Hope you're not too badly bruised.

Willow500 Sat 25-Apr-20 21:18:32

Ouch I feel your pain - literally - I've broken my toe today and am in agony sad

sodapop Sat 25-Apr-20 22:05:04

Oh dear that's painful grandmasue the accident and the comment. Take it easy now.

CherryCezzy Sun 26-Apr-20 02:17:14

Hope you haven't done any long term damage Grandmasue.
What was your OH trying to say? Surely not insinuating you're an a......e! I'd have your OH on toast 😉
Joking apart, there seems to be quite a lot of injuries happening to GNs atm. I wonder if it's the lockdown making people a little more cavalier at home or is it just coincidence.
I'm glad you only fell down a few steps. In my time I have fallen down whole flights of stairs, including concrete stairs. It's no joke. I have the scars to this day. I hope yours are not long lasting.

jacq10 Sun 26-Apr-20 11:45:53

I am now one of the walking wounded as well!! Out on my walk yesterday I was three houses away from home and fell flat. Not quite on my face but crashed on to the pavement. I think I tripped on a concrete slab which covers a drain. Luckily there was no blood but as the day went on I got really sore and stiff and today pain level has increased. I'm sure there is nothing broken as no sharp pain. Not keen on increasing dosage of pain killers which I take for osteoarthritis in my hands. Usually get a steriod injection for this but obviously not at the moment so taking pain killers anyway. Haven't even dressed yet but sun is now out so maybe a bit of heat on the body would help?

Luckygirl Sun 26-Apr-20 12:52:58

Please take care folks!!!

I too am intrigued about the absence of coccyx! - where has it gone?!

SalsaQueen Sun 26-Apr-20 20:49:49

I've slipped on my stairs a couple of times. The first time, my bum was very badly bruised for weeks.

The second time, I slipped on the last 3 steps, fell awkwardly, sprained my ankle - it took weeks to heal and I was in agony. We had booked to go away for a few days and I spent a lot of the time away with my foot resting on a pillow sad

GrandmasueUK Mon 27-Apr-20 11:17:52

Thank you for your good wishes. I had my coccyx removed about 20 years ago, after years of pain. (I also had my belly button removed when I had sepsis - but that's a different story). I'm losing weight a small piece at a time! I wish I still had my special cushion now though. I don't know how I managed it, but I scraped my left elbow and managed to badly bruise a toe on my right foot. I now have a lovely black bottom and find lying on my side is the only way I can get comfortable. Either that or bending over and arm of the sofa. grin

ExD Mon 27-Apr-20 11:27:08

Well no-one's watching........!
Can you arrange some cushions and pillows so you can sit comfortably, one of those ring cushions would be ideal. I'd send you one if conditions weren't as they are (but if things weren't as they are you would have send DH, if he's still alive, out to buy one)!Do you have any Arnica or Aloe Vera for the bruising?
Strange how elbows catch it!

GrandmasueUK Mon 27-Apr-20 15:42:14

Thank you ExD, another of my friends suggested rolling a blanket into a sausage shape and turning into a donut - I will have a look at doing that. Not got any arnica - but will keep an eye out for it on line!

ExD Sun 03-May-20 18:11:40

How are you feeling now? When I fell last July and fractured the top lumbar vertebra it upset a very old problem I had lower down and now the pain from that is worse that the latest injury. I hope you've avoided that one.
There's no physio available now of course, so do some gentle exercise when you feel up to it.
I found swimming helpful and have deteriorated seriously since it stopped. All the best,

GrandmasueUK Wed 13-May-20 10:59:20

Thank you for asking - it still hurts when I sit down! I do have a special cushion now and that does help, but I'm surprised how long the pain has lasted!

Jane10 Wed 13-May-20 11:33:28

What rotten bad luck GrandmaSue just when we're all sitting about more than usual. Hope it eases soon.

GrandmasueUK Wed 13-May-20 11:37:15

Thank you - I do have some mobility problems as well, so walking hurts my hip, and sitting hurts my bottom! Leaning is most comfortable, so washing dishes (although we have a dishwasher) is my go-to position now grin