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Loose tooth

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farview Wed 06-May-20 20:35:22

Well...third tooth back (upper) from front teeth is quite loose...managed to speak to my dentist and she will see me as soon as possible re government guidelines...but...two problems...1) am so scared it may detach whilst I'm asleep..will I choke on it?
2) I have about 3 teeth that are attached to a metal sort of plate and I think that if I do loose said tooth ..the plate wont stay in place...I do know that compared with all that is going on re this horrendous virus that my problem is insignificant....but added to lockdown, missing GC and Children so much its getting really stressed ...

heath480 Wed 06-May-20 20:53:36

One of my teeth snapped off at the gum line Monday,

My dentist said he can only give antibiotics and pain relief at the moment.

If I need to he said to call 111 and get referred to one of the Emergency hubs that are up and running,with correct PPE,but they will only do extractions,not try and save a tooth.

I knew my teeth would cause me a problem at some point during this lockdown!

Commiserations,perhaps call 111 for advice,I haven’t but will if I think my mouth is getting infected,so far so good.