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1.0 Happy Walk(indors) with Leslie Sansone, Anyone?

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bikergran Tue 12-May-20 19:23:18

Some one mentioned this on GN recently so I thought I would take a look.

I was sat down doing nothing, feeling a bit achy.stiff and unmotivated.

Had a look through her videos on youtube and thought I would start with this one.

Had to stop twice (out of puff) hmm

But persevered and now my legs feel a little bit tingle and ward (think that's what they call the Burn) lol.

Really enjoyed it, no equipment needed, no fancy lycra and in the comfort of my lounge (curtains closed and door locked of course)

Hoping to continue and do some of her other videos.

Will measure myself when I buy a tape measure tomorrow.

Plus will try and weigh myself, must say after 10 mins rest I feel like I could do it again. smile

bikergran Tue 12-May-20 19:24:08

(warm) not ward confused

vampirequeen Wed 13-May-20 10:46:46

I've used Lesley Sansome too. Her videos and routines are very good.

shysal Wed 13-May-20 11:05:30

There are 3 of them in the collection of daily exercise videos which GN have been providing. I enjoyed them.

bikergran Thu 14-May-20 09:20:30

Managed to do 2 nights on the run, second time was so much easier, hoping to out Marathon! here I come l.ol

BlueBelle Thu 14-May-20 09:23:42

My 83 year old friend is swearing by Mr Motivator on TV each morning

bikergran Thu 14-May-20 18:33:24

Oh I saw him the other day...didnt know he was still about....but yes he is!! so maybe all his Motivating has preserved him smile

merlotgran Thu 14-May-20 18:44:25

I do Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home mostly during the winter when I can't get into the garden. I think she's totally bonkers but great fun. grin

bikergran Thu 14-May-20 20:25:01

Yes merlotgran she is very cheery and bouncy, good to watch lots of enthusiasm, bet its good being in one of her classes. Off to do it now, although I have been mowing a big field all after noon, but having got on the scales this morning shock I need to walk a lot ! of miles. yikes!!

Hazeld Thu 21-May-20 14:15:39

I'll try to make this as short as I can. Both myself and OH have quite bad arthritis in hips and knees, mainly hips. I had one hip replacement but wish I hadn't bothered, it's still as bad. Because of lockdown, we haven't been out at all, we used to do rock n roll but obviously can't any more. Anyway because we have put on so much weight we decided to try some exercise at home and I decided we would start with Leslie Sansone's 1 mile walk. The first one was difficult, can't raise my knees like they do so just did what I could but the second day was awful and next day I could hardly move, it was so painful. We couldn't do it a third day and haven't tried again, the pain really was terrible. I'm assuming this is for a number of reasons, age, I am 67 my OH 73, being overweight and the arthritis. Can anyone please suggest any exercises we can do that aren't going to cripple us again. We can't walk much so that's out of the question. So sorry for the long rant.