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Overnight oxygen test

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Coolgran65 Thu 14-May-20 03:16:27

I suffer dreadfully from insomnia getting about 3 hours a night, usually in two parts. I'd be up and about for about 3 hours in between sleeps. This has been going on for the last 15'years.

An overnight oxygen test to be carried out at home has been arranged for this coming Friday night, two nights away.
As I don't sleep a lot I'm not sure how useful this will be in checking if I have indications of sleep apnea which is what the doctor is thinking.

Has anyone done this?
Any comments or views ?

Coolgran65 Thu 14-May-20 07:44:46

No-one ?

aggie Thu 14-May-20 07:50:15

Sorry Coolgran I never heard of such a test

Coolgran65 Thu 14-May-20 08:59:20

The test is the first step in confirming if you have sleep apnea or another breathing issue. The equipment is picked up from the hospital during the day and returned the following day containing the readings.
I am paying privately because of NHS long waiting list and hoping it is worth it.

I thought that some GNs would have been familiar.

Elegran Thu 14-May-20 09:14:43

I've only just seen this. I had this test a few years ago (it said I didn't have sleep apnea)

I found three things about the test

1) It stank of stale cigarette smoke. Many of those who are given the test are heavy smokers, and the smell had clearly got right into the kit, even with thorough cleaning.

2) The electrodes and wires attached to me in various places kept me awake even more than usual, which must have affected the readings.

3) Those electrodes were attached to my face with surgical tape, so were the loose wires to keep them from tangling. I reacted to the tape and had red rectangles on cheeks and temples for weeks afterwards.

Elegran Thu 14-May-20 09:17:46

On reflection, I don't think that was an oxygen test - it was more a recording of the sound of my breathing (or lack of it!) Sorry if I confused you.

Daisymae Thu 14-May-20 09:20:31

A friend of mine had this done recently. The results indicated apnoea and a CPAP machine was issued. Reported back that they have had the best nights sleep for years. It was well worth the effort, hope that the outcome is positive for you too.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 14-May-20 09:56:31

I had one years ago but I think it was just a thing on my finger. Anyway had apnoea and as Daisymae said I was issued with a CPAP machine and had the best nights sleep ever. In fact I woke up because Mr Barmey was trying to see if I was still alive. Well that was his excuse.

midgey Thu 14-May-20 10:07:46

My husband had one last year. We picked it up from the hospital and returned it the next day, then waited for an appointment for the results. His kit was clean and certainly didn’t smell! It was simple to use and certainly didn’t stop him having a normal night‘s sleep. It was much easier to use than the one he had had a few years earlier.

JuliaM Thu 14-May-20 11:39:04

I have had several of these overnight tests done ranging from 24hr ECG monitorings, to the oxygen level monitorings similar to what you mention Coolgran65. The equipment has never had any unpleasent smell to it, but sometimes I have not slept very well with it on due thefear of it becoming dislodged during the night and the test rendered null and void.
I am lucky enough to live near big new teaching hospital that is equiped with all the latest medical equipment, including high tech clinical measurement technology. I have had a full heart and lung profile done there a couple of years ago where the machine fully takes over and records your breathing for you, rather like a scanner, it tells you what its about to do and how, and for how long. Its used to diagnose COPD, Bronchiectosis, Asthma, and Sleep Apnoea. The test takes just over an hour on the machine. A marvelous machine although some stages you are totally out of control and unable to breathe in or out when you fell like you want to. I was diagnosed with the very early stages of Bronchiectosis, and prescribed some extra medication.

Coolgran65 Fri 15-May-20 05:27:43

Thank you everyone.
It's a more simple test than you describe Elegran no electrodes. More like what midgey says her dh had.

Thank you others who shared experiences of themselves and others. Good to hear of positive outcomes.
It's 5/30 am and I haven't slept yet. Not even sleepy. And I've to be at the hospital at 10 to collect the machine. Hopefully i manage to get some. sleep tonight to make the test worthwhile.