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ExD Thu 11-Jun-20 12:37:41

I feel as though my stomach (not my gut) is full of wind and I desperately want to burp - but can't. I've had it about a week and its so painful its stopping me sleeping.
I had a telephone conversation with my GP and he suggested acid reflux and recommended gaviscon - but even though I explained there is no acid and no heartburn he said try it for a week and report back. I feel 'fobbed off' but concede he has many much more serious problems to deal with that a bit of indigestion.
I really really need to sleep.

Although he said avoid fizzy drinks - I feel like drinking a glass of fizzy pop quickly - and hopefully provoke the much needed burp.
Would that be a really bad idea?

BBbevan Fri 12-Jun-20 08:54:31

downtoearth. What can one say? 💨💨💨

ExD Fri 12-Jun-20 12:17:31

Lol Downtoearth, my wind would come out the top end - if ONLY it would come out!
Good hints for the other job tho'.

Whingingmom Mon 15-Jun-20 22:44:31

Ranitidine has been removed from pharmacies and no longer prescribed inall forms in US, and in some forms here, due to cancer causing ingredients . It might be worth discussing with your GP

Whingingmom Mon 15-Jun-20 22:46:15

Not just me then - except I hiss/bubble around the library for some reason. I’ve yet to be shushed by the librarian though!!

downtoearth Mon 15-Jun-20 23:01:58

grin gringlad I am not the only one so afflicted

MissAdventure Mon 15-Jun-20 23:49:36

Same for me, but usually in Poundland.

It makes me cross when I've gone in for a leisurely browse, but I have to keep walking briskly away.

downtoearth Tue 16-Jun-20 08:02:14

Perhaps the need for masks is not due to covid at all ,but because of a number of gusty grans visiting the high street gringrin