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Total Hysterectomy aged 53 due to fibroids and heavy bleeding

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Jools1x Sat 01-Aug-20 20:27:53

I have suffered with very heavy bleeding past couple of years and after doctor sent me for a scan fibroids were found, I started on hrt patch (my decision) which helped with menopausal symptoms but not the bleeding, if anything made it slightly worse, so after visiting doc again they suggested I see gynaecologist who tried to take a biopsy vaginally but due to enemetrial ablation four years previous, my uterus was left heavily scarred which is normal after ablation, they could not get through the cervix to take biopsy, so consultant advised me to have a total hysterectomy as soon as possible due to the thickness of my womb which is currently 9mm when at my age should be approx 4 to 5 mm so this raised a warning flag, I am looking to have the procedure around end of October, just wondering if anybody else had issues due to thickness of the womb? They will try and do it keyhole if they can but may need open surgery if can’t get through due to fibroids and scarring, many thanks in advance.. Jools x

Riversidegirl Fri 07-Aug-20 13:10:20

I didn't know about the pellet either! It seemed that they just did it for everyone.

Jools1x Fri 07-Aug-20 21:00:02

Hi yes I am currently on combined hrt patch which isn’t great but going to continue until after surgery then I will have oestrogen only hrt x