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Quiet fan recommendations please

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Oldbutstilluseful Tue 11-Aug-20 09:10:33

I have a friend, who, because of severe tinnitus, cannot tolerate the noise from fans. I believe that the fans without blades are probably her best choice.

I would be grateful for advice from anyone who has used one as I personally haven’t heard one in operation.

Thank you.

gillybob Tue 11-Aug-20 09:13:42

Definitely a Dyson . Pricey but worth every penny . Barely any noise and it doesn’t blow stuff around either . I’ve had mine a few years, use it all year round and couldn’t be without it .

Jane10 Tue 11-Aug-20 09:14:33

I have a Dyson airblade fan. It works well but it's certainly not silent. I gave to turn the TV up when it's on. It's hard to see how any fan could be very quiet.
Have you thought of a punkah?!

Puzzler61 Tue 11-Aug-20 09:16:59

I agree with Jane.
Save your money and buy a fan on a stand. A Dyson is an investment, not just a fan !
I feel we are all helping Mr James D to fill a very nice, fat pension pot 😱

NotSpaghetti Tue 11-Aug-20 09:17:57

I haven’t used a bladeless fan but I do have two fans that have a mode that just sounds like the wind. My daughter was impressed last year so bought one too. They are certainly quiet compared to my traditional fans and sell themselves as having a “quiet” mode. They are not expensive.

The way they make the wind-like sound is by gentle, irregular blowing. Yes, you can turn them up so it sounds like a windy night but it’s certainly not the continuous drone of a traditional fan. I find it quite soothing personally!

If your friend is ok with the sound of the wind, one of these is worth a go. I have a tower one and a traditionally-shaped one. My daughter has a very tall tower.

NotSpaghetti Tue 11-Aug-20 09:19:26

My other daughter was leant a Dyson last year by a friend...
I didn’t notice it was silent by the way...

Oldbutstilluseful Tue 11-Aug-20 09:35:04

Thank you all so much. She is pretty desperate. It doesn’t seem the Dyson is suitable for her, but perhaps the ‘windy’ one might fit the bill. @NotSphaghetti it would be very helpful if you could let me have the name. I’ve been searching online for her and there are quite a few to choose from.

As for me, I’m going to start saving for a Dyson, even if it puts money into Mr D’s pocket!

NotSpaghetti Tue 11-Aug-20 09:53:06

My daughter has this one:
Igenix DF0037 Digital Tower Fan with Remote Control, 35 Inch, 3 Speed, 1 Oscillating, Quiet Operation, 8 Hour Timer with Auto Turn Off, Sleep Setting.
It was £45 last year

I have this:
EcoAir Aura DC Fan
and this:
Igenix DF0035T Tower Fan

Obviously can’t guarantee that this windy effect will work for her. I hope so.
My other suggestion would be to contact the tinnitus association for advice.

Good luck.

NotSpaghetti Tue 11-Aug-20 10:22:04

BTW - you can probably find out how many decibels a fan operates at. That may be useful.

shysal Tue 11-Aug-20 11:24:47

Another Dyson fan fan here, but, as stated, it is far from silent on the higher settings. I have tinnitus sometimes and the fan helps to drown it out.

Jane10 Tue 11-Aug-20 12:25:17

The Dyson was an investment. Not cheap but it's very good. I had to have it when recuperating from knee replacements during a v hot summer in our South facing flat. Phew it was hot. The fan had various settings and can rotate or not as preferred.

Oldbutstilluseful Tue 11-Aug-20 12:35:22

Again, thank you so much for the very helpful ideas. The friend has hearing loss as well as tinnitus and is worried that the pitch of certain noises could make it even worse. Contacting the Tinnitus Society is something I will suggest.
Grans rule ok!

Puzzler61 Tue 11-Aug-20 12:43:33

Tinnitus is draining, and the more you think about it, the more you notice it.
I have it on one side, and it’s pulsatile ( a rhythm similar to a pulse beat ). At it’s worst I slept with a small travel alarm clock under the pillow which enabled me to concentrate on the ticking instead of the other noises. I found it oddly comforting.

Oldbutstilluseful Tue 11-Aug-20 14:39:34

My sympathy @Puzzler61. I have it slightly and that’s bad enough. I feel for anyone who suffers. I think it’s easily dismissed by some who have never experienced it.

I understand how anything that disrupts the continuous noise could be comforting.

sodapop Tue 11-Aug-20 14:52:22

I love my Dyson fan, its not silent on settings above 7 though. I like it because it does a good job and its easy to clean, no dust collecting in the front.

infoman Tue 11-Aug-20 15:57:47

When I was in Australia, extractor fans seem to be a better option,and boy did the room/s cool down very quickly.
As a current by line, with the fan, vapour droplets are being circulated around the room/s

Franbern Wed 12-Aug-20 08:28:56

I would not purchase anything made by Dyson on principle. Last year I purchased an upright NETTA fan, at great deal less cost than Dyson. I find this excellent in every way, nearly silent, neat, takes up little room, and a lovely remote control.

Puzzler61 Wed 12-Aug-20 08:44:13

The NETTA fans with remote controls are very good, hence sold out on Amazon .

Lovetopaint037 Wed 12-Aug-20 09:56:03

I also would not purchase anything by Dyson. The Dyson vacuum cleaner was the worse cleaner I had ever had. It even shot a flame out before I turned it off. ‘Which’at the time put them right down at the bottom because of their build quality.
Then their washing machines didn’t have great reviews and haven’t heard much about them since, Now he has moved his business to avoid tax.

Puzzler61 Wed 12-Aug-20 10:02:30

Dyson’s biggest income stream is Asia which is why the company manufactures there. He’s an entrepreneur and still goes into the “office” in Wiltshire most days.
His passion right now is to get into the electric car business and he will tip copious amounts of money into R&D so he can employ the best designers and produce what he thinks is the best electric car.

craftyone Wed 12-Aug-20 13:29:14

I love dyson, brilliant design and quality. I have the tabletop fan downstairs and the tall fan in my bedroom, both are quiet on low speed settings. I do like the blade- free, safe technology and like as sodapop says, the very easy wipe with a duster

Jane10 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:38:13

I can never get over Dyson's prices. The hairdryer for example is exorbitant. I thought nobody would ever pay that for a hairdryer but they do!

Oldbutstilluseful Wed 12-Aug-20 14:07:20

Crikey, who’d have thought a simple query would turn into a Dyson debate!

I like the sound of the NETTA fan, and will look out for it in the future. I have to be honest and admit to having both cordless and corded Dyson vacuums, the latter for many years, and never had any problems with either.

All info has been passed on, and in the meantime I’m enjoying my Matsui tower fan which is so old I can’t even remember buying it. Too noisy to recommend though.

Again, thank you all.

Auntieflo Wed 12-Aug-20 15:44:01

Thank you for the mention of Netta fans. I have just ordered one , should arrive Friday.

Franbern Thu 13-Aug-20 08:48:30

Would say I keep my Netta fan plugged in all year, as it also shows the temperature of the room.