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O C D and Covid

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biba70 Wed 12-Aug-20 18:49:17

Any of you experienced issues, yourself or relative/friend - where OCD had been made much worse by Covid - impacting themselves but also relationships with others?

Buttonjugs Thu 13-Aug-20 13:10:50

@B9Exchange it sounds like your DIL has developed a mental health issue as a result of Covid. Couldn’t your son move out temporarily and try to get her help? It seems like she really believes he is putting her at risk and must be terrified if that’s the case.

biba70 Thu 13-Aug-20 14:14:59

B9exchange- this is exactly what I was talking about. This is an open Forum, so won't say more- but it is really hard on all- both wife and children, and of course, grandparents- still not allowed to see their granchildren (since March) and kids desperate to go back to school.

biba70 Thu 13-Aug-20 14:17:14

at what stage does one person OCD become cooersion and bullying?

biba70 Thu 13-Aug-20 14:23:26

ooops one person's OCD and cohersion

CV2020 Thu 13-Aug-20 15:45:15

I know what you mean. My friends have always made fun of my OCD tendencies. I don’t let them upset me. We are all different. I have seen a marked increase in cleaning/wiping things down from beginning of lockdown however since I started going out a little about 6 weeks ago I am easing off a bit. Still very careful wearing my mask and cleaning my hands when out and on returnIng home. I’ve been out fir a meal a couple of times too. We just need to do what we are comfortable with.

Lexisgranny Thu 13-Aug-20 15:57:01

My DG said his DF would never admit to having OCD, it would have to be CDO! Seriously though, it must be very hard to take when someone coping with something like compulsive hand washing or similar rituals, hears another with the mildest of compulsions saying that they have OCD.

biba70 Thu 13-Aug-20 16:00:48

CV2020 - I totally agree you should do what you are comfortable with. But what if someone doing this - is having a huge and disproportionate impact on their loved ones- in a cohersive manner.

Lizbethann55 Thu 13-Aug-20 17:45:27

My SiL has OCD and suffers from anxiety. Both he and my DD have been working from home in their very small house. He has been obsessive about not going out and making sure everything is super clean. Whenever my daughter went to the shops he would phone her constantly to check she was ok. My DD went into her office once a week just to escape. She has to go back to the office full time next week and will have to go on the bus. I don't know how my SiL will manage his anxiety.

OmaforMaya Thu 13-Aug-20 20:33:12

I have OCD but lockdown because of Covid19 has been very comfortable forme. I have been very content staying home and being a crafter I have kept my hands busy and never felt the time long. I have only just started going out very occasionally but Covid certainly did not make my OCD worse in any fact I am very comfortable with it.