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Pneumonia Jab

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NotAGran55 Sat 03-Oct-20 09:53:14

Has anyone been offered one by their GP surgery or had one already? Or in a previous year ?

I have no medical conditions but have just had my 65th birthday and received a text yesterday to offer me the jab which I have booked for Monday .

Any experiences welcome.

travelsafar Sat 03-Oct-20 09:55:46

I had mine in July. No after effects. Glad to be able to have this free vaccination.

Froglady Sat 03-Oct-20 09:56:05

I had one a couple of years ago. It's a one-off injection. I've had no problems with it. I think you get offered when you're in your 65th year and I'm 67 now.

Grannynannywanny Sat 03-Oct-20 09:57:51

NotAGran55 I’ll watch this thread with interest as I’ve been thinking about this very topic in recent days.

Roses Sat 03-Oct-20 10:01:31

I'm having mine at the end of the month, I've never even had a flu jab before but that's booked as well

I feel we need to protect ourselves more this year than ever before

MiniMoon Sat 03-Oct-20 10:06:04

My flu jab is booked for next Tuesday. I've never been offered a pneumonia vaccine but would definitely have one if I was offered it.

Teetime Sat 03-Oct-20 10:48:40

I had my pneumococcus vaccine in July and 'flu in September- no ill effects at all.

nanaK54 Sat 03-Oct-20 10:50:29

I had mine last year, suffered no side effects

tanith Sat 03-Oct-20 10:52:26

I was offered Flu, Pneumonia and Shingles by my GP a couple of years ago, no side effects from any and I’ve had the Flu jab each year since. The others are a one time jab.

EllanVannin Sat 03-Oct-20 10:52:35

I had mine years ago---no ill effects, though I did understand at the time that a booster was given 10 years on but nobody seems to have known about that, unless I was dreaming grin

Doodle Sat 03-Oct-20 10:52:58

DH and I both had our pneumonia jabs many years ago. It is a common vaccination given once. Offered to all over 65 and to those under 65 with certain chronic health conditions. No ill effects for either of us.

Charleygirl5 Sat 03-Oct-20 10:54:03

I had mine a few years ago and no side effects.
I had this year's flu jab a week ago and again, no side effects.
I take all freebies offered!

Doodle Sat 03-Oct-20 10:56:26

EllanVannin there was some talk about it being repeated after 10 years (no you didn’t dream it 😊) but I think now the feeling is that it should be a one off jab. (Hope your Ruby-Lou is getting on ok)

BlueSky Sat 03-Oct-20 11:00:09

I heard this pneumonia jab would protect you from bacterial infection but not viral which would be the sort the one connected to Covid is. Still it’s a help in any case.

cornergran Sat 03-Oct-20 11:05:45

No side effects from the pneumonia jab, in fact it was so side effects free that I checked my medical record this year to see if I'd had one, simply didn't recall the process.

BBbevan Sat 03-Oct-20 11:09:21

I had a pneumonia jab a few years ago. The same time as my flu jab. I felt quite unwell the next day but fine after that. Never had side effects from a flu jab

Hetty58 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:09:23

BlueSky, quite right, but it all helps reduce the burden on the NHS.

For those of us lucky enough to be able to isolate, though, our risks of flu and pneumonia should be drastically reduced this year.

If we're doing well avoiding Covid - we shouldn't be able to catch anything else!

My nurse friend says there won't be a huge death toll from flu this winter, as most of those who would have died are already gone.

Juliet27 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:11:44

I had both flu and pneumonia jabS on Monday. No I’ll effects apart from a small bruise at each site.

Nannan2 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:27:43

I asked at GP's about this- as we in our house all have certain medical conditions- especially youngest son(17) but was refused it- i paid £70 each for myself & elder son (21) to have it in pharmacy- though it only covers 13 strains of pneumococus- whereas vaccine at drs surgery covers 23- we had very sore arm for days after (in fact mine still occasionally hurts) but i think its because im on warfarin& i had it not intramuscularly like my sons did!) So pharmacy informed me! Yes i was told its a one-off jab, but at 57 i might want a 'top-up' in 10 yrs time.My younger son had to have his at GP surgery as hes under 18- but i practically had to beg for this, and in end i got his neuro consultant& paediatrician (she hadnt signed him off yet) to get involved to recommend he had it! He was a bit sick& ill for a few days after but consultant said that was probably a different bug he'd already picked up at college! We all had flu jab ten days after that& he was fine.(elder son had pneumonia &flu jab both at same time(one in each arm) & was ok- after a few days of his arm being very sore on pneumonia side. I had mine back end August but for a couple of wks was feeling very hot on/off too but apparently its normal.

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:30:25

I probably had one last year - I was in hospital with Pneumonia.

Nannan2 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:37:57

Thats what my son thought too Hetty- so he wore TWO masks together, at once- all day in college, and gloves when used keyboards, and washed hands& gelled them after& in between- all day -He couldnt have been more careful.(he never goes anywhere else& has only been out ONCE (to get haircut, on day barber opened) since march- but first week back in college he still caught this other bug! Which made him very ill.(not covid- we had the test!) But his consultant is convinced he got it in college.despite him being 'extra careful' But still theyre forcing him to return😡No wonder its spreading!

Nannan2 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:44:40

Also had to pay for 17 year olds flu jab in Boots as he 'could have' waited& got it free in GP surgery- even though he's got exactly same neuro condition as his brother who was allowed it for free- plus his own respiratory condition! But i paid up because our docs surgery never seem to get flu jab till late oct/early november.

Nannan2 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:50:10

Yes Bluesky, but i figured it seemed like the covid virus was affecting the lungs, which then could turn to pneumonia also- so we would all be a bit better protected already if we got the pneumo jab too.

Oldbat1 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:55:27

I had my flu and pneumonia jab mid September. Separate arms. Pneumonia arm discomfort for 4days flu arm 1day. No other side effects. Someone said if you have fat arms you won’t feel discomfort so much - I have skinny arms. Husband didn’t have any aches in his arms but his are “chunky”. Some folk being charged £70 for the pneumonia inj. I would take it when offered. I tried all last winter at my surgery but they were unable to source it.

BlueSky Sat 03-Oct-20 12:00:34

As Hetty said we should all be at lower risk of catching flu this year because of all the precautions we are already taking for Covid, even the normal cold! Weirdly enough my late MIL who used to live with us and was virtually house bound, she would occasionally still get a cold while we didn’t have it! A real mystery were that was coming from!