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nanabird Wed 07-Oct-20 15:15:22

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with Parkinson's? I have about 8 weeks ago. I don't find the Parkinson' web site very helpful. I've looked on Facebook for local groups. Has anybody else found it difficult to track down an upbeat, chatty group as opposed to a down in the dumps one?

Luckygirl Wed 07-Oct-20 16:31:48

We had a huge amount of help from the local Parkinsons nurse, who was able to put us in touch with all sorts of groups etc. The local PD Society was very active, and they funded a carer scheme directed at helping carers of those in the advanced stages to get out and about - they were very welcome, and helped my OH very sensitively while I was out.

The local PD society also had a chat thread on their website which was quite upbeat; and they ran all sorts of social occasions and a singing class too.

We found that my OH ticked along with minimal symptoms for many years; then various bits of meds were gradually added and kept things successfully at bay.

I am sorry you have had this diagnosis and wish you success in finding the support you need.