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Intertrigo under breasts

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Atqui Mon 19-Oct-20 09:19:03

Can anyone recommend treatment for this , short of a breast reduction which I’m too cowardly to go for!

Marydoll Mon 19-Oct-20 09:34:01

It must be very uncomfortable for you. I sometimes get it at the top of my leg, drives me mad. There is cream you can get Lots of helpful information online, have you had a look?

Georgesgran Mon 19-Oct-20 09:34:56

Had this earlier in the year - just used Germoline for a couple of days and it cleared up. Think warm weather and bra wire caused it.

Atqui Mon 19-Oct-20 09:41:41

I have looked online but there are several remedies including steroid cream which I’d rather not use ,so I thought I’d ask for personal recommendations from fellow sufferers😄

Atqui Mon 19-Oct-20 09:42:28

- before I go to Boots.

Marydoll Mon 19-Oct-20 09:44:37

There is an antifungal cream you can get without precription.
I can't remember the name. Sorry.

Valels Mon 19-Oct-20 09:49:52

You could try nappy rash cream. I don't have intertrigo but get very itchy arms, drives me mad! I find Aven ( not sure of spelling) helps because it cools your skin. Might be worth a try!

Marydoll Mon 19-Oct-20 10:33:35

I've remembered the name.

Clotrimazole Cream 1% Fungal Treatment. Basically Canestan.

If it's fungal infection, Sudocrem etc won't clear it. I've tried!!

BlueSky Mon 19-Oct-20 10:44:54

Get a prescription from your GP or you could be wasting time trying OTC remedies.

Atqui Mon 19-Oct-20 12:18:41

Thanks for the advice everyone.

NanTheWiser Mon 19-Oct-20 12:24:18

I have had it, and have used Daktarin cream ( for athlete’s foot) which is anti fungal. Also tea tree lotion and soap is good too, as that too, is anti fungal.

Franbern Mon 19-Oct-20 12:28:21

I do get this condition. Find that I need to treat it at the first signs. I use E45 cream. Smother are in it, and also keep small clean cloth with lots of this cream lathered on that against the damaged area. Usually take about 3- 5 days to completely clear.

Nandalot Mon 19-Oct-20 13:04:16

I use sudacream when I get the occasional patch of this. I think it works well because it sort of seals in the skin and gives it a chance to heal.

Esspee Mon 19-Oct-20 13:11:06

I thought that condition was caused by friction.
I get a sweat rash under my breasts (no friction involved) and found the solution last year on a trip to the Far East.
It is called Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder. I would describe it as a talcum powder version of Vicks. After a bath and thorough drying I dust it on my creases, so under breasts, under c-section ledge and at the tops of my legs. Within seconds you feel as if you have been put into an air conditioned room. Wonderful.
The rash disappears in a week or so of regular application.
I couldn’t be without it now.

Aldom Mon 19-Oct-20 13:17:54

Athletes foot powder works. Nothing from the GP cleared it up for me when I had it years ago. Still use it a couple of times a week, just to be sure.

Grannytomany Mon 19-Oct-20 13:22:40

A basic anti fungal cream from any chemist is all that's needed. Best to apply it at the first signs of any itching or redness.

Toyoungtobeadamnedgran Mon 19-Oct-20 14:06:48

Thanks I also get this but never thought to ask here for any remedy so I'm grateful someone else did

PinkCakes Mon 19-Oct-20 14:50:29

I've always been big-busted (G) but never had that problem. I ensure I wear the right sized bras, and they're always underwired. I shower every day and make sure the skin is completely dry. One of my friends has soreness and rashes under her breasts (she's H cup) and she uses Sudocrem.

Hetty58 Mon 19-Oct-20 21:01:33

Colloidal silver spray (from active silver) cures it - and athlete's foot too!

mrswoo Mon 19-Oct-20 21:11:09

I tend to get this from time to time and find Lanacane anti-chafing gel helps prevent soreness and rashes and is also very soothing.

MaggieTulliver Mon 19-Oct-20 21:50:33

I had this in the summer, ghastly. Got a cream from the doctor and some medicated talc which cleared it up. I too was thinking about a breast reduction but can’t be arsed now 😊

Grannmarie Mon 19-Oct-20 22:38:20

My doctor prescribed Canestan, which wasn't successful.
My friend, who is a nurse with 40 years experience, recommended Cuticura medicated talc, it cleared up the problem in a few days!
I have it on repeat order from A****n, a little every day after showering keeps the problem at bay.

BBbevan Tue 20-Oct-20 07:04:36

I get that occasionally. I just put a clean hanky under my breast before I put my bra on. Seems to work

Greenjo51 Wed 28-Oct-20 16:54:07

I swear by Argan oil, just one drop daily rubbed in each side keeps me clear all summer. I get very sweaty and used to get rashes, not any more!

Sarnia Wed 28-Oct-20 16:56:51

A friend of mine uses baby talc.