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Rose hip- anyone using for inflammation?

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Sunnysideup Wed 04-Nov-20 13:13:07

I have a lot of inflammation and won’t go into detail regarding what hurts, suffice to say everything does! Turmeric upsets my stomach. I was thinking of trying Rose Hip. Is anyone using this to good effect?

annsixty Wed 04-Nov-20 13:26:54

There was a trial of rosehip here on GN some time ago.
Some members were chosen to take it and report back as to its efficacy.
I don’t think it was particularly successful but can’t really remember.
Perhaps someone who took part will come along and report.

Vickysponge Wed 04-Nov-20 13:39:20

I’ve never heard of that but Aloe Vera juice is good for inflammation.

chelseababy Wed 04-Nov-20 14:03:03

I tried it for me knee but to no avail.

BlueBelle Wed 04-Nov-20 14:52:20

I did the rosehip trial advertise on Gransnet and I m sorry to say it made no effect whatsoever I think if I remember rightly it was a three month trial and I also don’t think many people got any help from it
Hope that helps your query

BBbevan Wed 04-Nov-20 15:38:49

Yes my DH swears by it for his arthritic knee. If he stops taking it he notices within a day or so .

Sunnysideup Wed 04-Nov-20 16:11:18

Thank you for your helpful replies. Isn’t it strange how we’re all so different.

Sparklefizz Wed 04-Nov-20 16:19:31

It did nothing for me.

petra Wed 04-Nov-20 16:22:55

Have you looked at your diet? Cut down on inflammatory foods and increase anti-inflammatory foods. It's worth a try.
Stress can exacerbate inflammation.

Sunnysideup Thu 05-Nov-20 16:46:44

Thank you Petra. Yes, I looked into my diet some years ago as have always suffered from inflammation. Porridge with berries and seeds, tuna in olive oil and salad or veg soup for lunch and salmon, yellow fish, chicken, beef or lamb with veg for evening meal and nuts and live yoghurt. That’s pretty much my staple diet. Obviously, I’m not altogether saintly and will have the odd bit of cake, will make a fruit crumble (no added sugar) and have chocolate once a week. I’m slim and always have been and I exercise quite a lot with swimming, walking, exercise bike and Pilates/yoga type stretches. With regard to stress well, like a lot of us, I’ve had plenty of that. Sexual abuse as a child, loss of my mother at age ten, a cruel stepmother, and, in later years, divorce and a very rare cancer which nearly killed me! Plenty of other stress throughout my life not worth mentioning but none now. A cure for inflammation would be very welcome indeed as I’m sure many others would agree.