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Odd feeling in legs

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Glenfinnan Tue 10-Nov-20 09:49:21

I don’t want to bother my doctor as they are always so busy. But getting ‘fizzy’ sensation in my legs plus a slight mottled rash up back of my calves. Also puffy ankles. Anyone else had this??

Oopsminty Tue 10-Nov-20 09:54:19

Hi Glenfinnan!

When I saw the title of your thread I immediately thought restless legs. An awful condition that has driven me insane over the years!

But rash and puffy ankles aren't usually associated with that

I think a phone call to your doctor would be perfectly fine, just to make sure that all is well

GPs are still here for all medical problems, not just Covid

Good luck

Ellianne Tue 10-Nov-20 09:57:42

Fizzy, prickly, hot here too, but not with a rash. I walk at least 4 miles a day, but this comes on mainly when I am immobile.

NanTheWiser Tue 10-Nov-20 12:06:03

Do you walk a lot? There is a lower leg rash known as ‘golfers’ or ‘Disney’ rash, which is a type of vasculitis, but usually appears in hot weather, and in older people. If that is what it is, it usually clears up after a few days. I have had it myself in the past.
In any case, might be wise to contact your surgery, and send a photo, so your GP can advise you.

B9exchange Tue 10-Nov-20 12:08:16

Definitely contact your GP, before they are all taken up with giving vaccines grin

Seriously you do need to talk to a doctor, for reassurance and to rule out anything serious.

Glenfinnan Tue 10-Nov-20 18:16:47

Thank you everyone I’ll ring my GP!

MissAdventure Tue 10-Nov-20 18:27:29

I get a fizzy feeling when my legs are swelling.
I imagine it's the fluid trickling around (I have a vivid imagination, probably)

That is what it feels like.