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DH in hospital with Covid

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vampirequeen Tue 29-Dec-20 03:21:31

Sorry to post here but it's 3am and I need to vent and talk and I know that I won't wake anyone up but I can still get the words out.

DH has just been taken into hospital by two of the nastiest ambulance women I have ever met. They weren't bothered by how ill he is. There only concern was that we didn't have masks ....they're in the car...and we'd run out of paracetamol. FFS we've been ill for 8 days. It's not like we can nip out to the shops for some more.

Poor DH has been far worse than me and I've been really ill. It attacks you at your weakest points. He's had a terrible headache for days and today it got significantly worse. We phoned 111 yesterday and spoke to a doctor who reassured us but about 1am today he started to vomit and there was blood in it. So I phoned 111 again and they sent an ambulance.

At first I thought they weren't going to take him. They kept telling him he should have taken paracetamol even though we tried to explain that he'd tried it when the headache first started and it hadn't helped. They asked if he was sure he wanted to go to hospital because they'd only give him paracetamol and what was the point if he wouldn't take it. He never said he wouldn't take it. He said that it hadn't worked. Poor DH is incredibly dizzy too and they made him walk to the ambulance. I even asked them to help him and they just said he'd be OK. He nearly fell over the step due to being dizzy but they just carried on. I know they don't want Covid in their ambulances or in the hospitals but some people have to go and we didn't call them independently. We went through the system and let 111 make the decision.

So now I'm worried sick about DH cos he's on his own and I'm trapped cos I have Covid too. I can only wait for a phone call when he's well enough.

Sorry for the rant and the bad language but I needed to get it off my chest. The worry is bad enough without the anger I feel on top.

FarNorth Tue 29-Dec-20 03:42:45

So sorry to hear that, vq, and that the staff were so unkind.
I expect they're stressed out and I hope they're not like that all the time.

Especially, I hope your DH is helped to fight this disease and you both are better soon.

Sasperilla Tue 29-Dec-20 03:43:31

That's awful vampirequeen. There is no need for them to be so horrible to you. Who wants to be phoning an ambulance in the middle of the night ? I am sure though that once they got him to the hospital that their professionalism will kick in and he will be treated with compassion. I do hope that you both feel better very soon. Damned Covid !

Juliet27 Tue 29-Dec-20 03:55:06

What a worry for you and you certainly didn’t get the reassurance that’s needed at a time like this. It’s going to be a long night for you but I hope you get some better news in the morning and that you’ll soon both be on the mend from this awful virus.

NannyPT Tue 29-Dec-20 03:55:56

I am sorry that you've had such a bad experience with the 2 ambulance women. You must be feeling very tired and stressed after all this which is probably made worse because you are not feeling well yourself. I hope that your husband makes a good recovery and you must try and conserve your strength. I understand why you feel so angry, I would too if it were me. Please try not to worry-easier said I know- try and get some rest and get yourself better. Sending you a big hug.

FannyCornforth Tue 29-Dec-20 04:05:21

Hello vq
Oh no. I remember your earlier thread. I've quickly scanned your post, will read it properly now.
I do hope that you are okay thanks

FannyCornforth Tue 29-Dec-20 04:13:22

If he was dizzy it's a sign that his oxygen levels may be low.
Did they do any tests?
He will be okay once he is in hospital
I don't want to minimise what you say, but as NannyPT said, it may have seemed a bit worse because you are ill.
When my husband went in they told me to wait two or three hours and then ring A&E to see how he was doing / where he was.
Did they know he has COPD?
Please PM me if you want to.

CanadianGran Tue 29-Dec-20 05:21:08

I'm so sorry to hear of your bad experience. Bad enough that you are ill yourself and worried about your husband; they don't need to treat people this way.

Like Fanny said, wait a few hours and call the hospital for an update. Thoughts are with you.

BlueBelle Tue 29-Dec-20 05:27:01

Like the other posters I m so sorry to hear this and hope your husband and you are soon feeling a lot better
There is no excuse for the ambulance ladies behaviour, I can only say I ve never known anything but lovely kind treatment from the ambulance service and paramedics they are usually very caring people, what a shame you had two nasty ones, no excuse but perhaps they d had a terrible night or weren’t feeling good themselves
I m sure he will be in the right place and start to improve and that you too will soon feel a lot lot better
Good luck

Kalu Tue 29-Dec-20 07:23:51

So sorry to hear you have both caught this virus. No need to apologise for your language, I would be saying much worse after the unhelpful service from the two ambulance women. Part of their job is to reassure patients and put them at ease, tired or not.

Now that your DH is in hospital, the medical staff will decide what treatment he needs and will look after him.

What a horrible time for you both. Look after yourself and try to rest then phone the hospital in a few hours for an update.

I hope you will both be well soon and you hear some positive news from the hospital.

kittylester Tue 29-Dec-20 07:39:28

Just sending you gentle hugs vampirequeen.

Grammaretto Tue 29-Dec-20 07:44:18

How awful for you both. I hope DH gets the help he needs soon and that you have somebody to get help or at least meds for you.
It is such a bad time to be ill although the food and chemist shops are open..

Grannynannywanny Tue 29-Dec-20 07:50:11

vampirequeen I’m so sorry to read that you are both ill with covid and your husband has been taken to hospital.

I’m sure he will be well cared for now he’s in hospital. I hope you’ve managed to lie down and rest overnight and that you receive reassuring news of your husband this morning.

I hope you have family or friends who are able to drop off medicines and food to your doorstep.

janeainsworth Tue 29-Dec-20 07:50:34

Thinking of you both vq. I hope you and DH make good recoveries flowers

Daisymae Tue 29-Dec-20 07:52:19

So sorry that you both didn't get the care that you both needed. Hopefully now that your husband is in hospital he will get the treatment that he needs. In the meantime maybe you could contact your neighbors for more paracetamol? Hope you get good news soon.

dragonfly46 Tue 29-Dec-20 07:52:19

I am so sorry to read this VQ. I do hope you feel better soon and get better news about your DH when you phone later.

PollyDolly Tue 29-Dec-20 07:53:38

I've sent a private message Vamirequeen.

brook2704 Tue 29-Dec-20 07:57:22

So sorry to hear your DH is so poorly and you too vq I hope you both feel much better soon 💐

Urmstongran Tue 29-Dec-20 07:59:54

Your anxiety must be sky high vq. Sorry last night was such an awful experience for you both. I hope your husband is a lot better today and home with you very soon. I’m sure you will be shattered today. x

Iam64 Tue 29-Dec-20 08:01:55

So sorry to read this vampire queen. Sending positive vibes to you and your husband. I do hope you are both feeling better soon.

cornergran Tue 29-Dec-20 08:04:12

Goodness, how upsetting vq, I’m so sorry you both had such a difficult experience. I’m hoping by now you will have news of your husband and can rest more easily. flowers.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 29-Dec-20 08:05:42

Kind and positive wishes to your DH and yourself.

rafichagran Tue 29-Dec-20 08:07:56

I hope you and your husband recover soon Vampirequeen.

Sarnia Tue 29-Dec-20 08:08:22

I fully understand how worried and upset you are. Does your local chemist deliver medication? Many of them have started this service during the pandemic. I am no medical person but I would have thought vomiting blood has gone beyond just taking paracetamol. I hope you have some good news on your husband and that will also be feeling much better very soon.

baubles Tue 29-Dec-20 08:14:09

I hope you managed to get a little sleep Vampirequeen, and that both you and your DH begin feel better soon. Thinking of you.