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Magnesium to aid sleep.

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shysal Wed 17-Feb-21 07:31:37

I heard this mentioned on TV a few days ago. I only sleep 4-5 hours per night and wondered whether this might help. Has anyone tried magnesium in tablet or spray form and did it help?
Any other suggestions welcome please. I did try the Pukka night time tea. I have always been an early riser, but when I get up before 5am, followed by a read in the bath, the days are very long!

Sparklefizz Wed 17-Feb-21 07:59:01

I take Magnesium Citrate (which also helps my osteoporosis), L-Glycine (recommended for sleep) and Valerian.

I take the L-Glycine at about 8.15pm, then the Valerian and Magnesium at 9.30pm with a bite of supper - then go off to bed to read, feel drowsy by 10.10pm and lights out.

Good luck. PM me if you want to know details of brands and stockists.

Elusivebutterfly Wed 17-Feb-21 09:07:52

I started taking Magnesium recently as recommended it to help migraines. I don't think it has made a difference yet and no change in my sleep pattern.

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Feb-21 09:29:09

Nytol (the blue one) it's a type of antihistamine. You have to ask behind the counter for it, or buy from an online pharmacy.

Shysal, you, and indeed everyone else who has the ill fortune to be awake, are more than welcome to pop into the Night Owls thread 🦉 for a chat.
There is usually someone about (more than likely me). You will get a very warm welcome and a cup of tea (not Pukka) or Ovaltine.

annsixty Wed 17-Feb-21 10:25:59

I take Nytol, not the herbal one, a few times a year for just 3/4 nights and they are a help to me.
I was advised not to get used or rely on them, just occasional use.
My GD tried them and while they worked she felt like a zombie next morning and as she is working she left them off after 2 nights.
I think poor sleep and very vivid dreams, some very disturbing, seem to be very prevalent in these difficult days.

Jane43 Wed 17-Feb-21 11:48:48

I tried a magnesium supplement when I was having sleep problems but it had no effect, just made me constipated. In a programme about sleeping Doctor Michael Mosley said there is a link between digestion and sleep and recommended taking probiotics and prebiotics. For the latter he recommended inulin powder which I have been taking since before Christmas and my sleep has recently improved. Last night and the night before I slept from around midnight until about 7am. I still have bad nights and sometimes I take an antihistamine which makes me drowsy. Like annsixty I am wary of taking them too often.

NellG Wed 17-Feb-21 11:52:48

Magnesium does work, but it's poorly absorbed through the gut as a supplement. The best way to boost your levels is to have an Epsom Salt bath, or even a foot bath. It's also comparatively cheaper.

MayBee70 Wed 17-Feb-21 12:16:41

I use a magnesium oil spray which I spray onto my feet. It’s very drying though so I have to put cream onto my feet the next day.

NotAGran55 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:34:20

I have been taking it for 2 months , along with vitamin D and it hasn’t made any difference so far .

Have you tried a weighted blanket ? Definitely improved my sleep pattern .

MayBee70 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:50:54

They say you shouldn’t take VitD in the evening as it can sometimes cause sleep problems.

NotAGran55 Wed 17-Feb-21 14:59:09

Thank you Maybee I will swap it to breakfast time .

Sparklefizz Wed 17-Feb-21 15:33:03

I love my weighted blanket!!

shysal Wed 17-Feb-21 16:20:01

Thank you all for your responses.

I have ordered a Mg sleep spray ( don't want to be constipated with tablets).

I am a hot body and sleep with only a sheet covering me, so I can't bear the thought of a weighted blanket!

I take a calcium with Vit D tablet in the evenings so will change that.

susie511 Wed 17-Feb-21 16:29:56

I am another who swears by a weighted blanket! I've been a terrible sleeper since my 20's (honestly don't think I've ever slept right through the night) but buying a WB a year ago was one of the best things I have ever done. I also get hot in bed (although usually cold by day!) but the blanket seems to breathe and somehow keeps to a warm, but comfortable temperature. Don't let the initial weight put you off - once under the blanket it just slips snuggly round you. Wonderful!

Fennel Wed 17-Feb-21 17:51:17

I find that antihistamine helps too but agree occasional use is best.
I've noticed lately that their price has increased a lot (eg Piriton) so perhaps the pharm. industry has been warned.
I also have the problem of restless leg, and this seems to be related to digestion and bowel action.
Sleep is such a blessing when you find it.
Men don't seem to have this problem so often - perhaps we women are programmed to wake up at the least thing, to look after crying babies.

Smiley4 Wed 17-Feb-21 19:54:14

I use magnesium glycinate to help me sleep. For me it’s been brilliant.

Candelle Fri 19-Feb-21 23:21:09

Piriton is just the branded name given to the drug

Chlorphenamine is an anti-histimine which lasts around six hours. It acts within about half an hour, so one should feel sleepy by then.

I buy this from an online chemist and it can be really inexpensive, less than £1.00 for 28 tablets. The branded version could be seven times as much.

I agree with others that this should be used occasionally rather than daily. If I have a bad run of nights I use one of these and usually do obtain some sleep.

Hope it works for you!
NB. I was prescribed Piriton three times a day as a teenager for my dreadful hay fever and took public exams with eyes - and brain - half closed! Thank goodness I was allowed to take some exams in the winter!

missingmarietta Thu 25-Feb-21 20:05:01

After decades of poor sleep and really bad episodes when sleep is awful for days on end. Sometimes it has made me feel quite ill and it has affected the quality of my life in many ways. I started to take Magnesium Citrate 3.5 months ago.

In the past I've tried everything going but nothing worked only prescription sleeping tablets which I have taken as sparingly as possible.

Since taking 2 magnesium capsules the past 3 months sleep has been remarkably better, and I feel more relaxed in general so even if I'm awake for a couple of hours in the night I can actually drift back to sleep when I couldn't before. It's been wonderful.

I've had no digestive problems at all, in fact digestion is better than ever.