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Menopause - how did it affect your sleep?😴

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StellaGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 17-Mar-21 09:22:18

From hot flushes through the night to dealing with aches and pains, we want to know how menopause (and perimenopause) affected your sleep? Did you find symptoms made it more difficult to nod off? Did this affect your energy levels day-to-day? Or maybe you actually found yourself sleeping better? Share your experiences with other gransnetters anonymously on this thread.

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Esspee Wed 17-Mar-21 09:29:42

I have chosen not to suffer the menopause and have used HRT now for over 30 years. I sleep like a log.

Flossieflyby Wed 17-Mar-21 10:43:46

Certainly my sleep was affected with hot flushes, during the menopause.

AliBeeee Wed 17-Mar-21 10:44:56

Very suddenly at the age of 51 I found that I was too hot at night, not flushes or sweating, just very hot. After 10 years, this has improved, but not gone away. I only have a very lightweight cover at night and sleep with the window open for much of the year.

Foxglove77 Wed 17-Mar-21 11:05:12

My sleep wasn't affected by hot flushes, but I did feel extremely emotional which made it hard to sleep, as I worried about everything.

Omaoma57 Wed 17-Mar-21 11:12:30

Couldn’t take put up with hot flushes/night sweats...from age 46 to my sleep like a baby! No more problems a all

Coggers94 Wed 17-Mar-21 11:13:13

I have been on HRT for thirty one years, no problems sleeping. No intention of stopping.

Esspee Wed 17-Mar-21 11:19:19

Coggers94. Welcome to the club. There are a number of us on Gransnet who are enjoying a great quality of life thanks to medical advances.

Calendargirl Wed 17-Mar-21 11:29:15

Truthfully, the menopause didn’t affect my sleep. I was lucky not to suffer from hot flushes etc.

TerriBull Wed 17-Mar-21 11:32:01

I posted on the other thread regarding sleep, the Menopause has massively affected my sleep pattern, I just don't go into the deep sleeps I had once upon a time. I still find myself getting over heated and toss and turn a lot, I perceive I'm dozing rather than sleeping properly much of the time and I wake early hours, often churning over things in my mind. Needless to say that does impact on energy levels, I know I lack something, vitality I guess sad

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 17-Mar-21 11:34:25

My menopause was a nightmare (and daymare). I did not want to resort to HRT, but after 5 years I changed my mind and was so relieved. I remember in a hotel in France, the mattress was foam. the instant I lay on it I would break into a sweat, I spent the night walking round the bed to allow DH to sleep!!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Wed 17-Mar-21 11:38:04

I went through this 15 years ago so thank goodness it's history now but I recall getting hot flushes and throwing off the bedclothes, getting cold and pulling them back up again. Tired during the day due to this. I didn't want to use HRT so toughed it out.

1summer Wed 17-Mar-21 11:39:01

With many symptoms my menopause started at 51, the hot flushes at night were unbearable for 10 years and very much disrupted sleep for both me and my husband. It has improved over the last 4 yeas but not gone away.
Unfortunately my GP told me due to high blood pressure I couldn’t have HRT. He offered me no support at all.

Jennyluck Wed 17-Mar-21 11:46:03

I’m 65 now and still have problems with sleep. It takes me ages to get to sleep and then keep waking up through the night. It is exhausting. I didn’t go down the HRT route. Maybe I should have. I wonder if it’s too late to start ?

TooTiredToDance Wed 17-Mar-21 13:07:17

I think my sleep pattern is upside down since my menopause started. I now want to watch random things on TV until 3am, and take a power boost sleep at midday. smile

Angelwings Wed 17-Mar-21 13:51:17

I had hot flashes during the night that woke me and sometimes necessitated a change of bed clothes, other than that not much changed for me.
I’m post menopausal now but I can still suffer the odd night time over heat !

grandtanteJE65 Wed 17-Mar-21 13:51:49

I was one of the lucky ones. The menopause was a walk in the park compared to the menarche, or periods for that matter!

I was sometimes too warm in bed, but no drenching sweats or any of the other troubles I had heard about.

Oh the relief of no more blood-stained sheets, bed-mat and mattress in the mornings.

So the menopause made no difference at all to my sleep.

keeno Wed 17-Mar-21 14:02:19

I didn't go on HRT because of a breast cancer scare just as I was considering it.
I woke with hot flushes, and night sweats were the norm for a couple of years.
I slept on a comfy towel - which could easily be swapped in a few seconds when I woke - and had dry cotton nighties on hand.
This helped me get back to sleep quicker.
It also saved on washing sheets.
I was more tired but went to bed earlier which helped compensate.

Ro60 Wed 17-Mar-21 14:20:57

I don't think the menopause has affected my sleep; rather changes in my life, life-style & lockdown.
Grateful for small mercies.

19panda Wed 17-Mar-21 14:28:22

It still does. Most nights I get up to shower as it’s tropical even in winter! I drink at least a litre of water overnight

NotAGran55 Wed 17-Mar-21 14:34:05

I had no symptoms of the menopause at all , sleep included.
I have always been a poor sleeper since childhood and the menopause made no difference .

grandMattie Wed 17-Mar-21 14:41:09

I stopped sleeping well after I had children. It was exacerbatd by the menopause. I was on HRT for 5 years to help with my mental problems, but now they are OK, am off HRT. I still sleep badly.

compfan Wed 17-Mar-21 15:06:59

no change

snowyboots Wed 17-Mar-21 15:45:25

Since the start of the menopause my sleep pattern has been a nightmare. I toss and turn a lot and find it difficult to get comfortable, I am either too hot or too cold, and just as I drop off I suddenly wake up.

Leah50 Wed 17-Mar-21 16:21:23

No change, I've been an erratic sleeper since the children were born. Just the frequent nuisance of having to change sweat-soaked bedding in the middle of the night.