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Nervous about breast follow up.

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CafeAuLait Fri 26-Mar-21 23:55:24

I was told yesterday I have mild duct ectasia on one side. I was given the choice to re-image in a few months or see a specialist for an opinion. I went for the latter. While I know it's probably all fine, I want to follow it up just in case I'm in the minority and it's the start of something. I'm nervous about all this and will be until I can put it to rest. I almost want to have it removed just so I don't have to wonder about it and I don't even know what kind of options there are with it until I see the doctor. Has anyone had this and had it turn out to be anything other than benign?

gt66 Sat 27-Mar-21 00:48:44

I had to have a follow up after my first mammogram, some 14 years ago and well remember how worried I felt, so I completely understand your concerns. In my case all was fine after a biopsy revealed nothing amiss.

From the little I've read about your condition it's non cancerous, but hopefully someone else will know more about it and can reassure you, more than I can.

CafeAuLait Sat 27-Mar-21 01:01:50

Thanks for your support. It is a worrying time. I'm glad everything turned out alright for you. I had an ultrasound as I haven't started mammograms yet. Yes, it is a non-cancerous condition and not uncommon at my stage of life. My doctor wanted to follow up in either suggested way in case it is the start of something else. Hopefully I can see the specialist soon.

shysal Sat 27-Mar-21 07:51:20

I was recalled after breast screening. A very thorough ultrasound scan revealed duct ectasia. I wasn't given the option of treatment and was put back onto routine breast screening. I was told that it is a common condition which is benign. I have not thought about it since.
I hope you find reassurance.

Hetty58 Sat 27-Mar-21 08:00:02

I'm not among the 'worried well'. I must have the opposite of health anxiety (whatever that is - maybe medical phobia?) as I avoid doctors and only visit when absolutely necessary or unavoidable.

I think it's due to being dragged there for 'treatment' with every cough and sniffle when small. I just don't trust them, so I wouldn't be worried or reassured by anything they said!

BlueSky Sat 27-Mar-21 08:48:53

I like your post Hetty. I’m like you after years of health anxiety, I said enough and I just see the doctor when absolutely necessary!

CafeAuLait Sat 27-Mar-21 09:28:33

I'm with you too Hetty. I don't usually see doctors if I can help it and prefer to help myself with lifestyle and nutritional options first. I do think it is sensible to go and see a doctor when this doesn't help and symptoms warrant it, so in this case, ongoing breast pain, I did. For some things, I'd rather make sure. It is true that doctors do tend to have a penchant for worst case scenarios I find. I generally feel quite healthy and live an active life. I never used to get anxious about health but this has changed in recent years for a reason I won't share here and has nothing to do with my own health directly. When this is done with, I will be doing my usual of avoiding the doctor unless there is a good reason to see one.

CafeAuLait Sat 27-Mar-21 09:30:07

Thank you shysal. I expect reassurance will be the outcome. There's always that small 'what if' until it is confirmed though.

BlueSky Sat 27-Mar-21 09:40:38

Sensible attitude CafeAuLait. I agreed doctors seem to think of the worst case scenario, I guess they have to. Good to hear other people’s positive experiences too.

CafeAuLait Mon 29-Mar-21 07:19:27

I'd definitely rather they were cautious. Because of Easter I need to wait two weeks to see anyone. Waiting is hard! I'll be keeping busy.