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Interstitial cystitis

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Smg1950 Wed 07-Apr-21 16:31:23

Has anyone been able to recover or get relief from this awful condition ? Help please

MollyAA12 Wed 07-Apr-21 16:46:30

Try cranberry juice. Avoid antibiotics. Drink water but don't flood your system. Half a pint every hour might help and warm it slightly. Avoid acidic things. Miserable thing cystitis. A friend had it and the doctor kept giving her antibiotics which affected kidney function so be careful
Years ago my mother in law boiled pearl barely to make barley water.

mrsgreenfingers56 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:15:20

Suffered with this all my life and just horrible. The jury is out on the Cranberry juice if you read the facts, plus the cranberry juice you buy at the supermarket is full of sugar and watered down. I bought some pure Cranberry juice which is very expensive and as sour as a lemon. Avoid coffee, only drink weak tea, mint tea or water. Wear cotton undies. Avoid spicy foods. If problems after sex then pass water immediately after, both wash beforehand and don't use perfumed products in that area, baby soap is best. Also use lube internally before intercourse. Some research showing that D Mannose powder can be used as a drink and stops problems but didn't work for me just raised my blood sugar levels. I am currently experiencing an attack of over 4 months and Dr. just lost interest in me now and says can't help me any further so you really do have my smpathy here Smg1950. I do so hope you are feeling better soon from a fellow sufferer.

Whiff Thu 08-Apr-21 19:31:40

I have been having recurring UTIs and kidney infections since September. Taking antibiotics which gets rid of it for a bit. GP has referred me to a urologist. I am on the list and just have to wait for a phone consultation with the urologist and hopefully have some tests. But blood tests have shown I had low sodium levels and had to stop taking my anti reflux tablet. Also low folic acid so on 3 month course of those. GP didn't know if they where causing the problems. It's miserable having the UTIs but kidney infections feels like I am being cut in half. Unfortunately cranberry juice is a myth . I thought it would help and have been having it daily since my hysterectomy when I was 38. 24 years ago.