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Facial pain.

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Santana Sun 25-Apr-21 09:26:07

I have had pain on one side of my face and into teeth for about a month.
It started in the very cold weather and I assumed it was neuralgia. When teeth started to jangle, I went to the dentist who said everything was ok, apart from being over sensitive (an understatement)
My GP on line symptom checker said fibromyalgia, which I have!
I have trouble still in cold wind, brushing my teeth, washing my hair, and lying on that side.
I'm just dithering about ringing the doctor as anything to do with my FM doesn't involve any cure. My new GP is kind and sympathetic but I don't want to waste his time. Dreading my next dental check up.
any GN common sense advice would be appreciated.
I've had FM for 20 years so not expecting much from medical professionals.

FannyCornforth Sun 25-Apr-21 10:27:36

Hello Santana sorry to hear you are suffering; facial pain must be awful
I would definitely contact my GP. I speak to mine about every six weeks.
You aren't 'wasting his time' - it's his job! You are being too nice! You need to explain how anxious you are feeling about this too.
My dad's wife has FM and she has taken steroids for it in the past
Give him a ring on Tuesday (Mondays are always stupidly busy!)
I hope that you get some relief thanks

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 25-Apr-21 10:30:46

DD had a similar problem recently, went to the dentist and after a good look around he discovered that she had a blocked salivary gland, he poked around with something sharp p, removed some pus and stuff and gave her antibiotics, all sorted now, but very painful at the time and they don't know the cause.

vampirequeen Sun 25-Apr-21 10:33:30

Have you got a sinus infection? I get them and they make my teeth hurt....sort of transferred pain.

lemsip Sun 25-Apr-21 10:35:03

Doodle Sun 25-Apr-21 10:38:41

I have facial pain, aching jaw, ear and tooth problems and tinnitus at intervals for no apparent reason. I find the problems occur with tension in my neck. Have you tried muscle relaxants or a neck wrap to try and relax the are. Sorry you are in so much discomfort.

Santana Sun 25-Apr-21 11:14:53

Thank you for your help. Don't fancy the sharp pokey thing with pus!
I did wonder if I was grinding my teeth but didn't fit with the cold wind making it worse though.
I will ring my GP on Tuesday. Maybe I need something to relax everything a bit, so will try a warm microwave bag on my neck.
FM is horrible, and often people think you are making it up because you look ok.

Casdon Sun 25-Apr-21 11:37:47

Did your dentist do an X-ray Santana? I had facial pain which turned out to be a tooth root which had a silent infection, so the tooth didn’t hurt but there was a hole in my gum, which had infected my sinus. It was really clear on the X-ray what the problem was.

Charleygirl5 Sun 25-Apr-21 11:59:15

It could be trigeminal neuralgia but you really need to be seen by a doctor- not one diagnosing at the end of a telephone. Good luck.

Santana Sun 25-Apr-21 12:18:56

Dentist did take X rays.
I've googled the trigeminal neuralgia and that does seem to fit with the areas of pain. Thankfully not as bad as some poor people suffer.

Charleygirl5 Sun 25-Apr-21 12:23:40

Santana it is a fairly common cause of facial pain hence it was the first in my pea brain.

Liz46 Sun 25-Apr-21 13:38:46

I couldn't believe it when I saw this thread. I've got it too and took two paracetamol earlier but they haven't helped. I do have a dental appointment but may have to ask if it can be brought forward.

Mind feels as though it is in the joint of my right jaw and radiates along the lower teeth.

Daisymae Sun 25-Apr-21 14:22:11

My husband has trigeminal neuralgia along with a lot of other things. Getting it under control is the thing but you should really get a diagnosis from a neurologist.

beth20 Sun 25-Apr-21 14:32:35

Totally agree that you should seek advice from your doctor.
I also get this kind of pain connected to my sinuses, usually when I'm tired or overdoing things, and I find that really massaging the whole of my scalp while washing my hair in the shower helps a lot. I guess it's along the same lines as the neck heat to relax the muscles.
Good luck, and hope you feel better soon.

Nannatwiglet Sun 25-Apr-21 16:23:53

20 years ago I suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for about a year. Was given various medications from Gp which made me rather sleepy and didn’t work apart from dumbing the pain.

Decided to try acupuncture....and after about 4/5 sessions I was pain free. What relief! I haven’t had TN since then...Give it a go, Santana!

Aveline Sun 25-Apr-21 17:03:30

Trigeminal neuralgia is a horrible thing to have as others have posted. I hope you'll have your facial pain properly checked up rather than relying in Doctor Google. Good luck.

PinkSweetPea Sun 25-Apr-21 18:52:56

I feel your pain as I am suffering with this at the moment and wondering what caused it. I did think mine is stress anxiety related and maybe been grinding my teeth in the night has caused it. Just been taking some paracetamol over the weekend and will see how it goes over next few days. Hope you get yours sorted out.