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If only I had known...... cramp cure.

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Sago Sun 16-May-21 10:32:44

We ate with friends last night and at the dinner table I got a severe cramp and had to hop around their dining room.
This was not dignified, as I leapt up knocking a glass over, I then tripped on my shoes that I had not so discreetly taken off!
So in one moment I went from being a model guest discussing Poots the DUP and the whole Ireland question to an uncoordinated mad woman.

Once seated and trying to regain my composure the host told me to to press or pinch between my nose and top lip if it happened again.

20 minutes later it happened again, I pinched hard and pressed for good measure and like magic it stopped.
I don’t think anyone would have noticed had I not screamed out “ it works it really works”

The red mark is fading.

henetha Sun 16-May-21 10:36:34

In what part of your anatomy did you get cramp? Your legs I assume? I get a lot of that, so I'll try your nose/mouth pinching tip next time.

Poppyred Sun 16-May-21 10:37:54

Must try that! Cramp is awful!

MawBe Sun 16-May-21 10:38:48

Well, well!
This sounds not unlike twitching a horse.

It is believed that a twitch calms the horse by releasing endorphins as pressure is applied, thus reducing stress and pain. It is usually made up of a stick-like handle loop of chain or rope on the end

I wonder if it is the same (sort of) thing?

ExD Sun 16-May-21 10:44:16

I don't care what the reason is - if it works I'll use it!
(I get cramp when trying to put my shoes and socks on).

Sara1954 Sun 16-May-21 10:53:11

I’ve never suffered, but I frequently wake to find my husband hobbling around the bedroom moaning!
I’ll be sure to tell him, Thankyou

nadateturbe Sun 16-May-21 10:54:17

Thanks Sago. I'll try that next time.
(Btw NI definitely not a dinner table topic here! 😊)

Nannylovesshopping Sun 16-May-21 11:13:52

Oh thanks so much for this tip, I was hopping around the bed like a demented kangaroo just last night!

Sealover Sun 30-May-21 02:59:44

I suffered with very painful cramps in my calves, it was torturous and led to plantar fasciitis in my feet, also painful, felt like I was walking on nails. I started taking Magnesium in the evening, the cramps stopped almost immediately.

Esspee Sun 30-May-21 05:32:07

I have been told by a friend who suffers from cramp that pinching between the big toe and second toe firmly on the webbing bit and holding the pressure works for her. I’d be interested to hear if it works for others.

Nonogran Sun 30-May-21 08:52:08

Take a regular magnesium supplement. Works a treat. Available from Holland & Barratt on the High Street or on line. There are of course other suppliers too.

Lucca Sun 30-May-21 08:57:53


I suffered with very painful cramps in my calves, it was torturous and led to plantar fasciitis in my feet, also painful, felt like I was walking on nails. I started taking Magnesium in the evening, the cramps stopped almost immediately.

I’d be interested to know if it stopped the plantar fasciitis? My brother has this,

Jennerdysphoria Sun 30-May-21 09:20:20

I was taught how to do body relaxation by a psychologist to deal with a twitch I had (she thought due to stress). Now I find that relaxation gets rid of leg cramps quite quickly, and in a satisfying way. Relaxation is quite easy to learn - you can Google it. Basically just evoke relaxing images (sunbathing, floating on water etc. while telling your body to relax gradually from your scalp down, focusing on each part of your body in turn. Also useful at the dentist.

Bodach Sun 30-May-21 10:58:23

I have tried the 'pinching upper lip below nose' several times in the past - pinching hard enough (and long enough) to make my eyes water. Sadly, it has never had the slightest effect on the severe cramps I experience in bed from time to time in my legs and feet. Hope it works for you; good luck!

muse Sun 30-May-21 12:08:52

MM takes Magnesium tablets. He had some horrendous nights with cramp.

He also has the night time spray but he wasn't putting it on every night as a preventative. The tablets are much better and appear to be having an affect.

AGAA4 Sun 30-May-21 16:46:13

I found that drinking tonic water stopped the cramps. It has quinine in it which is supposed to cure cramping.

shysal Sun 30-May-21 16:53:42

I read on GN a while ago that it helps to put a bar of soap in the bed. I mentioned it to a friend who suffered from cramp and for him it worked!

threexnanny Sun 30-May-21 19:28:07

Standing on a cold floor with bare feet stops leg cramps for me very quickly, but doesn't prevent them unfortunately.

Niobe Sun 30-May-21 20:01:45

My brother told my mother about the tonic water and it worked for her. He was taught it in medical school , and now that I am at an age when I have cramps ,it works for me too.

However since I stared to take the Boots own brand Over50s vitamin and mineral tablets I no longer get cramps at all. They
must be giving me the extra magnesium my body needs. One a day and I’m sorted.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 31-May-21 15:29:36

I’ve never heard of that one, but will try anything once

ninathenana Mon 31-May-21 16:34:11

I've read about drinking tonic water but I don't like the taste.
I thought of adding a small amount of squash do you think it would still work?

Fleur20 Mon 31-May-21 17:29:42

Make sure your tonic water of choice actually contains quinine. Lots of cheaper and own name brands do not. They use another flavouring..
Stick to schweppes!!!😉

trisher Mon 31-May-21 17:40:29

I always thought. just stretching the cramping muscle stopped it. So if it's your calf hold toes or push them against something so they are closer to you and heel is further away and calf is stretched. Pushing on to hard surface-floor or bed end for foot cramp (cold helps as well)
A friend says repeating cramp indicates a lack of fluids, so drink more.

crazyH Mon 31-May-21 17:47:19

I swear by tonic water....

dahlia Thu 03-Jun-21 17:31:09

On an episode of "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor", they addressed the topic of foot/leg cramps and recommended pushing your foot firmly against a wall so that the toes are vertical while the ball of the foot remains on the floor. I do find it helpful, but sadly it doesn't prevent the jumping out of bed when cramp first takes over - perhaps I'll give the magnesium a try!