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Hand massage for arthritis

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NanKate Wed 26-May-21 10:47:19

I have recently noticed during the last few months that I have the start of arthritis in my one arm and hands.

I’ve looked up on YouTube a hand massage which I have tried and I can feel some reduction of discomfort in my hands and wrist.

Can you recommend any hand massages that work for you?

shysal Wed 26-May-21 12:16:44

I have a set of differing resistance gel eggs which I find helpful, from Amazon. I sometimes carry them with me when out for a walk to make sure I find time to do the exercises which came with them. There are specific You Tube videos to help too.
I hope you find some relief.

MayBee70 Wed 26-May-21 12:22:54

I’ve heard that those hot wax things that you can soak your hands in are good. I was given several exercises to do by the hospital ( note to self, start doing them again). Keep my hands warm. Wear protective gloves for gardening etc. and cycling gloves at the gym (or used to when I used to go).Take turmeric. Put E45 on my hands at night cause I think VitE is good. I sleep with a hot water bottle that I keep my hand on.

NanKate Wed 26-May-21 13:55:45

Thanks both. Just started Turmeric. I will check out the gel eggs. 👍

Parsley3 Wed 26-May-21 15:51:35

I have found Holland &Barrett’s CBD muscle balm gives me enough relief from my sore thumbs to start knitting again. I rub it in while I am watching the telly.

shysal Wed 26-May-21 15:57:43

I don't know whether you take blood pressure medication, but turmeric can lower the BP, which may need monitoring if taken in conjunction.

MerylStreep Wed 26-May-21 16:19:36

If possible, always buy the fresh turmeric root.

NanKate Thu 27-May-21 15:40:54

I’ll check out my BP ShySal as I do take BP tablets.

I’m not into cooking Meryl so I’m afraid it will be the tablets, but thanks anyway.

Parsley I will get the muscle balm 👍

I’ve found online YouTube an excellent 5 minute hand massage and my fingers are moving better.

Patricia2874 Mon 31-May-21 00:22:24

I use one of these hand heaters
My hands were beginning to show signs of arthritis, pain in the joints and swelling. I used the massager regularly in the evening for 15 minutes a hand while watching football on the tv! Improvement was almost immediate and had been sustained (5 months later)

Fleur20 Wed 02-Jun-21 09:07:42

I started hand massage twice a day after reading original post. What a difference! Who knew? And it means I am also taking TIME to put my handcream on improved mobility, pain relief and appearence.
Thank you!

henetha Wed 02-Jun-21 09:34:02

I massage in cannabis ointment which I find does help.