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Morton's Neuroma- shoes

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Brigidsdaughter Sun 06-Jun-21 10:58:35

I've recently had a steroid injection in my foot. Painless and hope it works.

My dilemma is buying the right shoes and I'm wondering if anyone, further along than me with this issue, has some brand recommendations.

I usually walk a lot and wear good boots a size up to allow for orthotics and socks but going longer won't work, it's the width.

Charleygirl5 Sun 06-Jun-21 15:41:16

Hotter does EEE width and the shoes are comfortable but rather old fashioned but to me, comfort comes first. Also, they are not cheap. Google online to see if there is a Hotter shop near you- they are closing down rather rapidly.

midgey Sun 06-Jun-21 15:55:10

If you are going for Hotter keep an eye on their website, they very often have special one get one half price, 20% off and so on.

lemongrove Sun 06-Jun-21 16:03:39

I have had Morton’s neuroma ( surgery for) twice, in different feet.Walking can be agonising.Skechers are the answer!

Visgir1 Sun 06-Jun-21 18:27:56

I had mine eventually sorted with an op. But agree Sketchers shoes check width tho and look at Allbirds expensive but have foot arches and are machine washable.