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The best way to take turmeric

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MollyAA12 Sun 06-Jun-21 16:30:41

Whatis the best way to take turmeric? You read so many different ways - coffee, tablet, paste etc. Has anyone tried a method and found it good. I have a few aches and pains like a lot of people and would like joints to feel a little more flexible.

geekesse Sun 06-Jun-21 16:37:09

As an ingredient in a decent curry?

Doodledog Sun 06-Jun-21 16:38:29

I make turmeric latte (golden milk). You heat it with milk and sweeten with honey. I like to add white chocolate buttons to make it richer, but that might be more decadent than you are looking for 😀

NanKate Sun 06-Jun-21 16:47:58

My acupuncturist said to use it in cooking is the best, otherwise take when you eat something fatty as it absorbs better. So I have it with my cheese and biscuit lunch.

Doodledog’s drink sounds good, especially with full fat milk.

Ginny42 Sun 06-Jun-21 16:56:06

I read that it should be taken with oil and black pepper, so I have it lightly dusted on a salmon fillet with a sprinkle of black pepper. It stains, so avoid your fingers and clothes!

MollyAA12 Sun 06-Jun-21 17:22:14

NanKate is that taking it in powder form or paste?

lemsip Tue 08-Jun-21 10:58:17

I take turmeric capsules from holland and barrett

Sallywally1 Tue 08-Jun-21 11:03:35

Reading with interest as I have just been diagnosed with a very painful rotator cuff tear. Does it really help with pain and inflammation? What is the best brand to buy?

Ro60 Tue 08-Jun-21 11:20:47

I too have heard it works best when used in cooking. Black pepper helps with digestion & therefore absorption.

In India they do not have the same sort of aches & pains that we do here. This is often attributed to their diet - turmeric in particular.

I have a teaspoon of powdered turmeric added to my morning smoothie (& fresh ginger)

SallyWally sorry I don't know about your condition. Hopefully knowledge will come along soon in this thread.

Redhead56 Tue 08-Jun-21 11:26:54

Cooking it and it does not have to be just in a curry you can sprinkle in food to give a little colour. It can be quite pungent so don’t be too generous. The actual root can be found in international shops if you have one near you it is milder than powdered form.

LuckyDuck Tue 08-Jun-21 11:34:40 This is a fantastic group, they will answer any questions and they also have a wealth of info in their files including discounts for excellent quality turmeric capsules...