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Frailty Score in GP records

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Kateykrunch Sat 17-Jul-21 21:43:20

I have recently downloaded the NHS App and in my medical notes, there is a Frailty Score recorded in 2017. Does anyone have any info about this score (I was never questioned so I am presuming it was a data capture type thing).

Esspee Sat 17-Jul-21 23:21:31

Google NHS England Frailty Index

Kateykrunch Sat 17-Jul-21 23:30:41

Esspee, I have of course Googled it, the info I found was confusing hence my question.

B9exchange Sat 17-Jul-21 23:35:36

It is a search run on your GP records which builds up a picture of your frailty from the data in there.

ElderlyPerson Sun 18-Jul-21 00:21:54

A nurse told me that when a doctor or nurse has a meeting with a patient that he or she makes a judgement as to what he or she considers is the frailty score at that time, recognising that it is a snapshot at the time and can vary.

Apparently there are two values, one for physical, one for mental.

So, for example, if someone needs to go to the dentist, the physical score is a guide as to whether the person would need supported transport, the mental score is whether the person can make the telephone calls and arrange it or would need help from someone to get it arranged.

It is recognised that frailty score is just a general indication, for example someone could be at 3 for some things, 4 for some things and 5 for a few things, just depending upon his or her particular circumstances.

Kateykrunch Sun 18-Jul-21 11:05:43

Thankyou for your responses.
B9...I feel that this is what has happened in my case, thank you.

Esspee Sun 18-Jul-21 18:28:50

Apologies OP I assumed you wanted to know what the score indicated. I can’t cut and paste on this ipad (operator malfunction) so referred you to the details of what the score meant.
I now understand you are more interested in how the doctor came to this conclusion. Sorry but I can’t help there.
I would suggest you don’t worry too much about it, or ask them if you can’t ignore it.

HarlemShuffle Thu 05-Aug-21 15:10:17

It is practice now to run the Electronic Frailty Index electronic assessment tool against your medical record when you hit 65. The idea is that people living with various levels of frailty will be identified and receive the support they need.

However, it is a rather blunt instrument and decided I was mildly frail because it picked up a trip accident, which had been coded as a fall, and an episode of acute glaucoma. As a result, the algorithm decided I was prone to falls and had a visual impairment (I don't),

I raised this with my GP and it as been removed from my records.

These links may help you to figure out where you are.

Kateykrunch Fri 13-Aug-21 12:42:20

Thank you, Espee and Harlem.

BlueBelle Fri 13-Aug-21 16:06:42

Nearly lost the will you live reading that first one harlem the second one easier to understand well I ve got one on the list osteoporosis so guess I m not frail at all certainly feel pretty robust but algorithms usually have a mind of their own