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Purpura - mauve blotches on arms and hands

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OldAgeSucks Mon 19-Jul-21 12:16:49

I have started to get purpura - mauve blotches on the back of arms and hands - bleeding under the skin by slightest knock stays for weeks before slowly fading . Does anyone have any remedies ….. would appreciate if you could share 👍

Blossoming Mon 19-Jul-21 12:19:41

I think first and foremost you should speak to your GP and get a diagnosis.

MrsEggy Mon 19-Jul-21 12:25:56

DH and I, both in our 80s get these from slightest knock or scratch, not tender like a bruise. He is on blood thinners, I'm not, it's just a nuisance. Called senile purpura I think.

OldAgeSucks Mon 19-Jul-21 12:31:32

Hi Blossoming and MrsEggy . Have had blood tests for platelets and all was ok so just an old age skin thing 😩 seems no answers so just wondering if any old remedies tucked away that might help !!

annodomini Mon 19-Jul-21 14:09:53

I had purpura when I was treated with steroids for Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I even got red marks from leaning my arms on the table in a railway carriage! I was recommended to use Double Base Gel which protects and moisurises the delicate skin. Once my steroid dosage dropped to about 5mg per day, the skin got back to normal.

cornishpatsy Mon 19-Jul-21 14:27:07

They look awful don’t they. Are you taking any medication that could cause them, I have more when regularly taking ibuprofen.

Witch hazel speeds up the fading process for me.

OldAgeSucks Wed 21-Jul-21 08:19:33

Thanks annodomini and Cornishpatsy will give them a try
… appreciated . I take BP meds which can cause this 😝

Liz46 Wed 21-Jul-21 08:39:58

I get them very easily and wonder if it is because I am on quite a strong inhaled steroid for asthma and bronchiectasis.

henetha Wed 21-Jul-21 11:41:19

I get these too, and also little black patches on my lips.
I have mentioned it to the doctor (on the phone, appointments impossible!) and she said that if they disappear within a few days then it's no problem. If they don't, then phone her again.
I'm on Clopidogrel.
A little bit of tinted moisturiser on my hands and arms make them less noticeable. And my feet sometimes too.

Fennel Wed 21-Jul-21 16:43:43

I get them too, I have very thin skin and take aspirin. The slightest scratch and it pours with blood.
Henetha that Clop... thing is a blood thinner.
Sometimes I stop the aspirin and the blotches clear quickly but I know I shouldn't.

cornergran Wed 21-Jul-21 23:17:06

Mr C gets them now. GP said ‘normal’ as we age.

Whiff Thu 22-Jul-21 05:59:19

You could try Arnica cream that is brilliant for bruising of all types. Also I use Dermol 500 lotion to keep my skin moisturised. You can even use it to wash in. I had jaundice 4 years ago and it does awful things to your skin. The dermatologist prescribed Dermal double gel and 500 lotion and said how important it is to keep your skin moisturised. After a year of using both just use the 500 now. My skin has never been so healthy. I use it all over including my feet . It makes your skin feel fabulous. Because it is in a pump bottle it lasts me 12 weeks.

Don't know if it will help you but it's worth a try.

Caleo Thu 22-Jul-21 08:28:04

I like to hold my hand under the cold water tap when I bash it but usually forget to do so.

henetha Thu 22-Jul-21 11:03:02

Yes it is Fennel. I'm on Clopidogrel because I had a mini-stroke a couple of years ago.

Framilode Thu 22-Jul-21 16:05:19

Whiff thanks for the tip. My skin is extremely dry and I have ordered the Dermal 500. Do I need to order the double gel as well.

Tea3 Thu 22-Jul-21 18:32:46

Butchers broom helps. It is supposed to strengthen the blood vessels. I take Bional which combines butchers broom with vine leaf and horse chestnut ( also supposed to support blood vessels). I think it helps but it’s not cheap.

Franco Thu 22-Jul-21 19:49:18

Bloods checked - all OK. GP says skin thins with age.

OldAgeSucks Thu 22-Jul-21 20:14:14

I’ve just started vitamin c with Rutin and Hesperidin apparently good ….. and coconut oil for my skin so watch this space !!

Whiff Thu 22-Jul-21 20:27:51

Framilode no the 500 lotion works brilliantly on its own. This is how good it is . Couple of weeks I had to have a 24hr heart tape. The adhesive on 3 electrodes gave me a rash. One under each breast and one one the top of my breast where the skin is very soft. Using the lotion twice a day the rash went under the breasts in 3 days the last rash took a week. My skin is perfect not a mark.

A friend of mine who I told about the lotion always uses it in water to wash her face. And my daughter uses it in my grandson's bath water he has eczema and it takes the redness out of his skin and helps with the dryness.