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Living will?

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Shinamae Tue 27-Jul-21 11:58:50

I am in the process of doing my Power Of Attorney haven’t got to the health bit yet but wonder if it is worth doing a living will as well and what does that actually entail?

midgey Tue 27-Jul-21 12:03:25

I would say that the Health POA would cover a living will. You are able to specify that you don’t wish to be resuscitated for example.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 27-Jul-21 12:15:44

Absolutely worth doing the health power of attorney. I have made one to ensure that if I were for instance to suffer a catastrophic brain injury (e.g. severe stroke which would leave me permanently incapacitated) I would not wish to be resuscitated/be kept on life support/have treatment continued. If you don’t state your wishes you may be kept alive unable to state that this isn’t what you want.

Newatthis Tue 27-Jul-21 12:22:53

What's a Living Will?

Franbern Tue 27-Jul-21 18:56:27

Newatthis Living Wills have long since been replaced by Advanced Declarations. These are a document lodged with your GP and with your next of kin, giving your wishes should you become ill or injured and not be able to give your wishes regarding being kept alive on machines.

Shinamae Wed 28-Jul-21 09:48:13

Thanks for that….. won’t bother with the Living will, will just continue with the health part of the Power Of Attorney

Jaxjacky Wed 28-Jul-21 10:15:21

I did an advanced declaration some years ago, it’s with my GP and a copy with both of my children.

Floradora9 Wed 28-Jul-21 16:09:43

I believe that Living Wills have no legal status POA is best if you trust the people you appoint and tell them what you want.