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Falling into a dead sleep

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Elizabeth1 Sun 01-Aug-21 12:53:11

After taking an antihistamine tablet I fall into a dead sleep. Are any others doing the same? I seem to be wasting my life away sleeping or has it to do with stroke recovery?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 01-Aug-21 12:59:15

My friend who has r.recently had a stroke spends a lot of time sleeping. In fact the time before last when we went out she drifted off in the middle of our conversation.

MawBe Sun 01-Aug-21 13:01:45

If I take what we always used to refer to as “full fat” antihistamine, eg Piriton, a deep sleep is assured, plus, often, feeling drowsy the next morning.
If that’s not what you want try one of the non-drowsy alternatives, but also double check against whatever other meds you are on.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 01-Aug-21 13:01:48

Mind you that may be saying something about my conversation!!😄

BlueSky Sun 01-Aug-21 13:11:33

I do that every evening while watching tv. Is it normal/age/medication/disease related? Just an irresistible urge to nap for about 20 minutes.

tanith Sun 01-Aug-21 14:00:54

My daughter had dreadful fatigue after her stroke 2yrs ago needed to nap 2/3 times a day but the tablets will only make that worse. As the others say try the non drowsy type.

ElaineI Mon 02-Aug-21 00:04:00

Probably a bit of both. You need a lot of rest following a stroke and antihistamines can cause drowsiness - usually warning on packet.

M0nica Mon 02-Aug-21 18:09:59

Classic side effect of anti-histamines, but a stroke or any major illness will leave you very tired and sleepy. It is part of the healing process.