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Booster Covid jab after effects

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chicken Fri 01-Oct-21 15:41:02

Having had 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the very beginning of the rollout with no side effects,I had the booster dose, also Pfizer, with no qualms. The after effects were very unpleasant this time,chills,painful joints, nausea and utter loss of energy but after two days I was starting to feel a bit better when, out of the blue, I collapsed,panting for breath and unable to stand wit bout support. After numerous tests at hospital, I was admitted Jwith blood clots on both lungs. The doctors refused to even consider that this might be connected to the recent vaccination but I can't help feeling that the two events are connected. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

Blossoming Fri 01-Oct-21 15:49:58

No, but I haven’t had a booster yet. Have you reported it on the yellow card system? Hope you’re feeling better now.

cornergran Fri 01-Oct-21 16:13:40

We’ve both had the booster with no after effects. First Pfizer jab for me, the third for Mr C. I’m sorry you’ve been so unwell chicken. Please do report your experience.

silverlining48 Fri 01-Oct-21 16:32:34

Our first two were AZ with Pfizer as booster last week.
Never have a problem with flu and other jabs before but had a very sore arm 24 hrs after the booster. Nothing like yours of course, do make sure you report and hope you feel better soon.

InnocentBystander Fri 01-Oct-21 17:49:11

I had two AZ and the booster Pfizer (this morning). Watch this space!

InnocentBystander Sun 03-Oct-21 15:27:26

Sunday afternoon and all's well. Tender around the injection site but nothing else.

lemongrove Sun 03-Oct-21 15:32:08

Hope you feel well soon Chicken what a worrying time for you.Did you have the flu jab at the same time?
As others say, do report it.

I had two Pfizer jabs this year and my arm is still sore all around the injection area and difficult to lift that arm high.Have reported it, as they want to know these things.
Will have the booster jab fairly soon.

fuseta Sun 03-Oct-21 15:49:32

Had mine on Friday. No side effects at all apart from a slightly sore arm the day after.

Summerlove Sun 03-Oct-21 15:49:43

I’m glad you are on the mend chicken! How scary

Kim19 Sun 03-Oct-21 16:16:48

Thank you for that notice. Sincerely hope you are feeling totally better now. I will keep a mental awareness and leave the day after my jab free as a just in case. Don't usually suffer any after effects so this is of interest.