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Maddison Sat 02-Oct-21 13:45:54

Hi i was just wanting someone to say hi i suffer from Anxiety and i am really bad today feel sad and was just wondering if anyone has had Anxiety and how you recovered from it i am the same everyday can't seem to shake it off any advice will be welcome

Joce345 Sat 02-Oct-21 13:57:23

Hello Maddison, I suffer daily with it, I joined the BDG love people that all suffer like us with different depression anxiety come and take a look we understand your struggle...

sandelf Sat 02-Oct-21 14:00:36

Hi!! Maddison. Go easy on yourself. Have a nice read or something familiar to listen to or watch? An absorbing puzzle or game... Aim to keep your mind busy with something or other then you don't have the attention on 'whatever'.

Smileless2012 Sat 02-Oct-21 14:02:07

Hi Maddison I suffer from anxiety and although I rarely get anxiety attacks now, I still find them frightening and debilitating when they happen.

Tried and tested coping mechanisms are the best. Slow and regulated deep breaths; in through the nose and out through the mouth. Finding somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit until they pass with some relaxing background music always helped me.

I think of an anxiety attack as a huge wave that I know is going to hit me but there's nothing I can do so, I imagine myself standing and letting the water crash over me, safe in the knowledge that when it goes back out to sea, I'll be wet through but I'll be OK.

Knowing the reason/source of your anxiety is helpful and if it's due to a specific incident as mine was, as time passes often the frequency and severity ease too.

Bach's Rescue Remedy is good as are Kalms although with the latter it does take a few weeks before you really feel the benefit.

I hope this helpsflowers.

H1954 Sat 02-Oct-21 14:04:29

PM sent

ayse Sat 02-Oct-21 14:13:07

I suffered from anxiety over years. I’m not as bad now but I have to be quite strict with myself and generally try to turn off the worry button. I was taking fluoxetine for years to help.

I don’t know if you have the stomach churning that never seems to go away? I don’t watch the news much these days although I do read about it and try to turn away from anything that causes anxiety. What if ……..? This haunted me so I try not to do it as it spins out of control very quickly.

When I have to do something such as book a ticket online I tend to wait until I’m feeling ready to tackle it. Resolving online problems still makes me very anxious and cross. Just talking about it my stomach does start to flip.

I started by countering negative thoughts by swapping it round to think positive. For example, I can’t cope to I can cope; It’s all my fault to what can I do? Can I do anything or is it outside my control. If it’s something that you cannot influence try to switch off. If you’ve done your best, tell yourself and believe yourself. If it’s something in the past tell yourself you did the best you could at the time.

All these things helped me to be more positive. I do have down days. On those days I’m kind to myself.

I’ve also found that doing a hobby that needs concentration helps to stop my mind playing games with me. It’s a bit of escapism but can give your mind some rest.

I hope you are feeling better tomorrow than today.


ayse Sat 02-Oct-21 14:14:40

St John’s Wort has helped me in the past as well.

Scones Sat 02-Oct-21 18:36:41

Hello Maddison. I'm so sorry to hear you're having a tough time today.

My husband suffered with really debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. We threw everything at it...meditation, peaceful walks, acupuncture and so much more.

The things that really helped him were seeing his GP who was very helpful and provided medication which made his days so much easier. He was resistant to medication at first thinking he 'can fight this on my own' but honestly he was so overwhelmed by anxiety he finally accepted the help of medication. His only regret is that he didn't do that sooner.

Our wonderful GP also put him in touch with a counsellor and he attended sessions with her for about 3 months. They were transformative.

His progress was slow but steady and after about six months he was so much better, the panic attacks stopped and a year later he finished all medication. We're about five years later now and he is like his old self again.

I would really urge you to call your GP as anxiety is an absolute bugger and you shouldn't have to go through it on your own. In my experience it's not something you can 'shake off' without help. Or if you can, you might waste too many days suffering before you do.

I'll be thinking of you and hoping that tomorrow is a better day for you.

BlueBelle Sat 02-Oct-21 19:48:09

Have you had any counselling maddison it would be well worth it, because it’s about retraining your brain that has gone into a primitive fight or flight mode and got completely stuck

NHS do a good internet help programme I think it’s called Headspace

Hetty58 Sat 02-Oct-21 19:57:02

My friend suffers from health anxiety - so always feels ill. Today she's been worse, due to the weather and being stuck indoors. (It's rained all day here in London). Exercise outdoors seems to lift her mood.

Doctors prescribe CBT and talking therapies first, rather than medication (she'd be worried about taking pills anyway). BlueBelle's description of the brain being 'stuck' seems very accurate.

Hetty58 Sat 02-Oct-21 20:21:04

(and) it's really so important to have a good diet:

MerylStreep Sat 02-Oct-21 20:45:33

Have you read or watched videos to understand what’s happening to your body when you have an attack?
That would be a start. CBT works but it takes a while to kick in, but it does ?
But in the now without a doubt deep breathing works.
I would add 2 things to what Smileless says: try to breath from your stomach, not just from your chest. As you take that deep breath in, lift your shoulders to your ears.
And count those breaths. Your mind can’t wander when your concentrating on your breath and the counting.
There is some really good stuff on YouTube.

MerylStreep Sat 02-Oct-21 20:50:33

I would also suggest that if you are able to find a meditation teacher: go for it. It will work wonders ?

BlueBelle Sat 02-Oct-21 20:58:06

Tapping works well for some folks

VioletSky Sat 02-Oct-21 21:07:50

I do and I've just had to learn to live with it and accept it as part of myself.

I've had it since I was a child, always very self aware and embarassed.

I just plan my life carefully and make allowances for it.

Before I was diagnosed with Graves it went literally insane due to muddled up hormones and I shook continously. So it is worth checking if there is anything physical contributing to how you feel