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Slow Recovery

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VioletSky Mon 04-Oct-21 19:33:37

Last year I was diagnosed with Graves Disease after my thyroid started malfunctioning and this led to being signed off work due to thyrotoxicosis.

It also heavily impacted my mental health which was worsened before diagnosis because my symptoms were physical, not mental and I was prescribed tablets that caused more of what they should have cured.

I've been going through a process to first bring my thyroid levels down to normal and then to wean me off the tablets that do that. I am now 5mg daily carbimazole when I started at 40mg. The hope is that by my next blood tests my body will have gone into remission and rebalanced and I can stop taking the tablets. If not I may be looking at a thyroidectomy.

Mentally I am so much stronger, now I am off the tablets that worsened the psychosis. Mentally I am now getting so bored only working a few hours and have just agreed to do more.

Physically though, I do not seem to be recovering, if anything it's getting worse. My joints are weak and painful, they click and pop constantly. I get tired easily and I often fall asleep in the day. My hair is falling out and just a cold leaves me struggling for weeks. The consultant isn't interested as long as my thyroid behaves and my doctor thinks he should be looking into this so I have given up on help at the moment.

I'm sorry, I think this has turned into a vent more than anything else. I'm worried about my future and my ability to do a job I love.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

Urmstongran Mon 04-Oct-21 20:39:00

Poor you. You must be feeling anxious and upset. I have no words of wisdom (just had to look up Graves’ disease!) but would like to say I hope you’re over the worst and just need more TIME (a great healer) to get properly well. Go gently.

Sometimes it helps to compare how you were feeling a month back to reassure yourself as to how far you’ve come.

dragonfly46 Mon 04-Oct-21 20:41:39

My SiL had Graves Disease a few years ago and now she is completely recovered. I hope you feel better soon.

Blossoming Mon 04-Oct-21 20:49:36

Are there any online support groups for Graves, perhaps on Facebook?

VioletSky Mon 04-Oct-21 21:30:16

That's good to hear dragonfly

Blossoming they are very busy and it's hard to just talk.

I think I'm more wondering if it just takes longer to recover from things now I'm older and or if I'm stuck like this

teabagwoman Tue 05-Oct-21 08:15:12

Violet sky, I know very little about Graves Disease but I do know, from experience with another illness, that you have to fight your corner with some consultants. Not good to hear when you feel as you do, is there anyone who can help with that? Maybe a letter to him/her setting out all your problems as bullet points rather than trying to explain in a busy clinic. Keep a diary so you have documented evidence, it tends to impress them. Meanwhile what helped me was structuring my day so I changed activities frequently. I stated out at 15 minutes pottering at the housework and 45 minutes doing something sitting down and gradually increased my time up on my feet. I went out for a walk daily starting at 5 minutes and increasing by a couple of minutes a week. I ended up doing a 14 hour night walk for charity so it worked. Good luck and I hope you see some improvement soon.

VioletSky Tue 05-Oct-21 10:42:50

Its just all been so stressful and on one hand Covid has prevented me getting a lot of care but on the other mistakes have been made and I wasn't listened to.

Thank you teabagwoman ill do that and just add a little extra weekly.

I used to be full of energy, running around, perfectky tidy house and now I'm just so frustrated at myself.

I'll work on it

Sparklefizz Tue 05-Oct-21 10:46:14

VioletSky I am sorry to hear what you've gone through. I am hypothyroid but my previous GP made a big mistake and caused my thyroid to go hyper instead. It caused me many many problems. I don't think the thyroid is as understood as it might be by the medical profession.

Anyway, I would definitely second the suggestion that you join a closed Graves Facebook Support Group. You will learn more there from other people going through the same thing than from anyone else, medical or otherwise.

I hope you soon feel better.