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Malaria vaccination.

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Whitewavemark2 Wed 06-Oct-21 18:15:19

GSK developed a vaccine that cuts the infection by 40% initially although further jabs will be necessary, but the first positive news for the children in Africa.


Wheniwasyourage Wed 06-Oct-21 18:45:02

Yes, at last - a piece of genuinely good news! ? ?

mokryna Thu 07-Oct-21 18:04:55

Great news, just hope that it can be distributed to the people who are at greatest risk without the hitches of conflict.

humptydumpty Thu 07-Oct-21 19:00:39

Hopefully the Gates Foundation will help with the distribution and delivery of this, as an extension to their anti-malaria work.

BlueBelle Thu 07-Oct-21 19:07:11

Wonderful news, what can I add ?