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Scoliosis diagnosis.

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Grannyjacq1 Sat 23-Oct-21 20:19:11

I've had intermittent lower back pain in one side for some time and have been diagnosed by a registered osteopath to have scoliosis - a crooked spine - which seems to cause me to lean to one side. Not sure why this hasn't been picked up on before now - no record of past injury. I'm doing daily back exercises as recommended. Has anyone else experienced anything similar or able to give any advice? It doesn't really interfere with life too much and I'm fairly active - just worried that it may get worse as I age. Late 60s.

tanith Sat 23-Oct-21 20:48:17

My work colleague had surgery for her Scoliosis her back pain was pretty bad and affected her ability to work. She had a full recovery after two months off. It might worth asking your GPs opinion just to check and have it recorded in your notes, hopefully it won't deteriorate.

Jaxjacky Sat 23-Oct-21 21:44:35

Not much help really, my son was diagnosed at 17, he was borderline for an op, he chose no, a few months earlier, at 16, I’d have said yes. At 30, it’s occasionally giving him problems with pressure on his lung. I too would get a referral from your GP, good luck.

BigBertha1 Sat 23-Oct-21 21:45:20

I have the same diagnosis seen on x ray legacy of long nursing career. Unstable disc currently in acute episode. I'm having physio currently but one dead leg which gives way and the other painful. I n bed after struggling to get comfortable all day. Heat pad in place. All I can is find a therapy that helps and do what they suggest. There are many different therapies all with varying degrees of success.

Greeneyez Sat 23-Oct-21 22:00:20

I was diagnosed when I was in my 30s. I have moderate scoliosis but it feels worse some days other days not so bad. I also have worn out disc's. I think taking care of my 4 grandkids didn't help my back with all the lifting. lol I babysat them everyday for over 10 years.
I'm in my 60s, still have fun going for walks and doing activities with them yet have to sit sometimes.
You don't sound as bad as me and I wouldnt worry about it too much at this point.

silverlining48 Sun 24-Oct-21 09:59:14

Scoliosis severity is measured by the angles of each curve. That can be done by X-ray. This is usually picked up in teens.
If the angle is greater than 40 degrees surgery can be considered. Otherwise a body brace could help but if it’s only
noticed on later life and there isn’t too much pain would expect little to be done.
It’s in my family so have years of experience of this difficult condition.

soop Sun 24-Oct-21 16:00:09


I have had a lateral curvature of my spine since childhood. Possibly since birth. My pelvis is askew and one leg is longer than the other. I have had two hip joints replaced due to wear and tear. I am 80 and take daily meds to keep the discomfort under control. I've had physio. I have been tied to a flat ironing board to try to help matters. Wouldn't recommend it...especially when an unexpected visitor decides to call. grin
I fall frequently. Now use an arm crutch which helps to keep me upright.
Your GP will advice you on the best way to deal with your condition. I wish you well. Keep moving as much as you feel comfortable with. Some days, I need to take a short stroll. On others, I can walk a fair distance.
A virtual hug from me to you.

crazyH Sun 24-Oct-21 16:09:59

I have had Scoliosis all my life. Never had the inclination to have my spine straightened, although my mum did toy with the idea. I have never had any problems, no backache, nothing. Had asthma all my life too. Ten years ago diagnosed with Bronchiectasis , but I doubt that’s any thing to do with my spine. The problem is cosmetic. Never learned to swim because I didn’t want to wear a swimsuit. I do t wear tight tops….it’s always loose. If you saw me out, you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong.
Sorry, I have no advice regarding your back pain, but I hope someone will come along and offer you more advice

Grannyjacq1 Sun 24-Oct-21 16:13:18

Thank you for all your comments. At the moment it's not interfering with my life too much, but just a bit worried about whether it will make more of an impact on my life later. Will definitely seek medical advice, as several of you have recommended.

PaperMonster Sun 24-Oct-21 18:21:12

I was diagnosed with it in my early 20s and told that had I been diagnosed with it prior to being 18 I’d have been offered a body brace. I was also advised that if I had a daughter to have her spine checked aged 11 to see how her spine is. She’s currently 10.

I’m 52 now and it affected me during pregnancy as my pelvis was all wonky and I could barely walk from very early on. I now have osteoarthritis in one hip and have also been diagnosed with hyper mobility. As long as I’m mobile I’m fine - a sedentary job throws up issues for me.