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Nausea every morning at 92 yrs old

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Ginpin Thu 28-Oct-21 15:04:37

My nearly 92 yr old mum, who lives 88 miles away and I talk to every morning on the phone, has been complaining of nausea for 2 weeks now.
It happens when she gets out of bed. She apparently is fine during the day, just affects her for the first hour or so. ( A bit like me and sciatica !!!)
One night she was sick and had diarrhea all night long but has now gone back to the nausea every morning. She says she also feels bloated and has a lot of wind.
Mum finally went to the doctor today and he has said " Come back in 3 or 4 days if no better but it could just be a virus.
Mum never goes out, my sister goes over to her every Sunday. Not sure about the virus possibility.
Thoughts please.
She is in good health otherwise apart from arthritis every where ( pain) and ongoing diverticulosis which flares up every so often. Two hip replacements and one knee replacement. Keeps active, eats her own fresh fruit and veg all the time.
When I saw Mum in early September I thought how well she looked.
She had breast cancer 9 yrs ago.
Does anyone have any thought or know of any old people suffering from nausea upon rising?
I am really hoping it is just an old age thing

AGAA4 Thu 28-Oct-21 15:12:38

Just follow the doctor's advice for now but I wonder if the nausea is due to an empty stomach if your mum is fine for the rest of the day. Maybe eating some plain biscuits before she gets out of bed could help?

AGAA4 Thu 28-Oct-21 15:13:37

Meant to say her blood sugar could be low in the morning

Cold Thu 28-Oct-21 15:23:44

Does she take any medication that could inflame her stomach?

GagaJo Thu 28-Oct-21 15:26:03

I was going to suggest it's hunger. I feel sick if I get too hungry but feel better after eating, even though I don't actually want food.

PurpleStar Thu 28-Oct-21 15:44:54

Hi Ginpin,
I too suffer with this but am in my early 50's.My issue is simply stomach acid,I produce alot.This sounds similar to your Mum.I literally feel like I have morning sickness if I don't take my Emoprezole(Nexium) as soon as I wake up.Could you speak to a doctor or pharmacist.You can buy Nexium over the counter,but obviously check with docs first.It could be that her stomach is still sensitive after her recent illness.I also have diverticulitis but that doesn't cause my morning issues.I have also found that drinking green tea or any tea that doesn't need milk,first thing in the morning, helps.In general I keep my Emoprezole and a glass of water next to the bed,as soon as I'm awake I take it,and no more nausea for me.It could be the tail end of her bug making her stomach sensitive.I would definately consult someone about taking Nexium,or similar,even if it was just for a trial period.Hope she feels better soon,I do empathise x

Maywalk Thu 28-Oct-21 16:19:38

I am around your mothers age and I too have had problems like her but I finished up in hospital with Gastro Enteritis.

Is she drinking plenty of water because dehydration can cause nausea and dizziness. Is her blood pressure ok?

I also have been prescribed a gastro - resistant capsule to be taken at least 30 minutes before eating breakfast named Lansoprazole, although a different name to above message, like Purple Star's capsule and I have found it to be very good. If your Mum gets worried tell her to ring 111.

nexus63 Thu 28-Oct-21 17:48:02

this could be just something simple like low blood pressure, dehydration or low sugar levels or a hormone imbalance, get your mum to ask the doctor or practice nurse to give her a blood test just to check everything. my MIL had this years ago and it was diagnosed as low blood pressure, she was to sit up in bed for a few mins to let her body get used to being upright, then to take her time when she stood up. i hope your mum gets this sorted.

BlueSky Thu 28-Oct-21 18:23:59

I would say the low blood sugar after the night fasting. I’ve had that myself occasionally, even if I’m ‘only’ 70, a couple of dry biscuits and a cup of tea as soon as she’s up could help. Obviously you’ll both be happier once she has a check up with the GP.

Ginpin Tue 02-Nov-21 21:47:22

Thank you everybody, Mum is feeling better atm ( apart from feeling a bit bloated) so I hope that is the end of it.
I wonder if the doctor saying it might just be a virus has helped her not to worry so much. smile