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Has anyone come off or cut down Omaprazole, what’s your experiences.

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Itsnell Tue 30-Nov-21 19:59:24

Hello. Has anyone cut out or reduced omeprazole? Why did you come off or reduce them? How did you feel and how long did it take you? What do you take now for acid reflux.

I’ve been on 20 mg daily omaprazole for acid reflux and a hiatus hernia since mid 2019. The pandemic has meant I’ve continued to get repeat prescriptions and haven’t had a medication review with my GP during this time, however,
I’m thinking I should try to cut them down or cut out altogether as I’m getting all sorts of symptoms which could be side effects of long term use of omeprazole (PPI) use eg nausea and stomach cramps, my IBS is worse, leg cramps and restless legs twitches. I’ve read reports of the long term effects of PPIs and it’s concerning. Ok I know you need to weigh up the benefits of taking ppis against the non benefits.
Look forward to hearing your stories

Bridgeit Sun 02-Jan-22 15:07:25

I think there may well be a connection between memory lose & Omeprazole, my memory is definitely as sharp as it used to be since I have stopped taking them, …….. unfortunately nothing comes as close to controlling the symptoms of acid reflux as effectively as Omeprazole .If I am going out somewhere special to eat I take one for that occasion.

Bridgeit Sun 02-Jan-22 14:58:51

Saetena, my Dr took me off them, because of a supposed link with dementia.

Hetty58 Sun 02-Jan-22 07:39:33


'do NOT take advice from random people on social media'

Having read through this, I agree. I'm quite alarmed by the assumption that things must be 'harmless' simply because they're natural - or can be bought over the counter without a prescription.

There are many people with serious health conditions on here (who should consult their GP) - others with the odd spot of indigestion, saying 'Try this, it works for me!'

I find the 'normalising' of illness on GN a problem, too. It's generally seen as inevitable with old age - or just bad luck - when overwhelmingly it's caused by a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 02-Jan-22 06:59:37

I take Omeprazole on the advice of my surgery as I am taking aspirin (75mg). I found that the indigestion I was experiencing has been eliminated since taking them. Now reading this I am becoming concerned.

Forestflame Mon 13-Dec-21 10:39:59

I am on Omeprazole, but like a PP, I only take it when I have to. I found that losing weight and changing what I eat has made a big difference. I hardly ever have to use it now.

Itsnell Mon 13-Dec-21 08:20:02

Wow last time I looked there were 3 pages and now it’s six!!! Thanks you for your experiences. I’m going out this morning and I’ll read all t your messages this afternoon and reply. I’m feeling much better - keeping to a low carb diet and taking probiotics and plenty of kefir
Thanks. I’ll be back this afternoon

Saetana Mon 13-Dec-21 00:01:08

Okay so nobody has any actual EVIDENCE that taking Omeprazole long term causes side effects? or serious health issues?? I cannot do with people who want to stop taking a medicine that is helping them just because they have read a scare story on the internet (including in this thread!) - how about talking to your doctors before jumping to conclusions? We have all seen how much of this crap is going around regarding covid vaccinations - do NOT take advice from random people on social media, about pretty much anything serious facepalm!

Saetana Sun 12-Dec-21 23:36:19

I've been on it for years and never had any issues stopping periodically, depending on how my acid reflux is. It is not addictive in any way but by all means check with your GP - I have never had any side effects with Omeprazole and nor has my husband, just because it says on the leaflet that a medicine can cause side effects does not mean you are likely to suffer from them. My husband is on about a dozen different medicines and has never had a side effect in his life.

Shinamae Sun 12-Dec-21 11:42:18

It’s been over a week since I stopped taking the medication and I find I am sleeping better and my legs are not so achy. I am managing with just taking rennies but only every couple of days as the acid reflux does not seem too bad at the moment…(better not tempt providence!!)

MissAdventure Sun 12-Dec-21 11:28:47

Are any of you researching the long term effects of home remedies?

icanhandthemback Sun 12-Dec-21 11:25:10

I would love to come off my double dose of Omeprazole but with a hiatus hernia, a flappy valve and oesophagitis I stand no chance. I have tried to reduce the dose and I am careful with my diet but I suffer so badly that I end up increasing the dose again.

Naninka Sun 12-Dec-21 10:05:44

I take nexium daily. I am also on warfarin for previous DVT, tramadol for osteoarthritis and flexofemo-something for allergies.

Should I be concerned?

My doctor is unaware that I'm on nexium.

Frogs Sun 12-Dec-21 10:05:12

I’m pleased for you Shropshirelass that cider vinegar worked for you but when I tried it my acid reflux got worse.

Naninka Sun 12-Dec-21 09:51:15


Omeprazole is a nasty drug, my DH is taking it. Stomach acid is very strong but most problems, heartburn and acid reflux are caused by too little stomach acid so that the stomach muscle does not close sufficiently and allows stomach acid to leak out. By increasing the acid, drinking apple cider vinegar, with the mother in it, and lemon juice in water (through a straw to protect tooth enamel) this increases the acid and causes the valve to close properly. I take acv daily and no problems now. I used to have shares in a well known indigestion remedy company! Fine for over two years now.


Frogs Sun 12-Dec-21 09:07:04

When I mentioned to my GP my concerns about taking Omeprozole long term she said I should stop researching all the scare stories that can be found in the internet about this and other drugs. She said these medications are thoroughly tested unlike alternative remedies suggested on line. I suppose you could say the scare stories are similar to ones that circulate on the internet about the Covid jab etc.

Hils44 Sun 12-Dec-21 08:09:40

I read an article about liquorice tablets from Holland and Barrett that could replace omeprazile.. Told a friend and she tried them and said they worked

acornlady Sat 11-Dec-21 21:58:18

I had major surgery for oesophageal and gastric cancer in October 2015. Since then I have taken 20mg omeprazole at 12 pm and 6 pm. along with that I take famotidine at bedtime. I don't have the lower oesophageal sphincter which stops the stomach contents from being regurgitated so don't have much choice about taking omeperazole. I have noticed that should I miss one I know about it after 20 minutes. I don't feel as though I have any side effects.

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 11-Dec-21 19:08:09

I am stuck with it unfortunately, 2 lansaprozale daily, apparently my Hiatus Hernia has got bigger and is now 'huge'. don't think I have an alternative to taking the stuff but have the operation and that's not an easy one.

Lillian40 Sat 11-Dec-21 18:37:47

I found all these comments interesting about Esomeprazole. I have taken all the other medication and had no relief. Esomeprazole can be bought anywhere over the counter with no particular health warning. I came across it by chance in Superdrug store and thought I would give it a try. I take it as soon as I get out of bed, an hour later I have breakfast and it has given me so much relief. I know you are only supposed to take it when required and not just daily. There is reference to side effects if you are allergic to some of the ingredients, also you are advised to consult your doctor if this medication has side effects. As it is sold over the counter it isn't harmful.

songstress60 Sat 11-Dec-21 17:56:13

I had no idea about the side effects of omeprazole. Does it really cause Dementia? I do have severe leg cramps which I hear is one of the side effects but I have heard that hiatus hernia can lead to cancer if not treated.

Lucca Sat 11-Dec-21 17:29:31


Lucca take a glug of Gaviscon Advanced before bed

Thanks but does it taste vile ?
I find the ginger tea thing and ginger cordial help a bit.
Seeing GP on Tuesday for a chat…..

Madwoman11 Sat 11-Dec-21 17:04:32

Lucca take a glug of Gaviscon Advanced before bed

MissAdventure Sat 11-Dec-21 16:46:16

It's probably because everyone is stopping their omeprazole. grin

Bazza Sat 11-Dec-21 16:41:08

I’ve been on lansaprozole for some years, sometimes works better than others. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the bright pink gloop called Peptobismal, much more effective for me than Gaviscon. Strangely out of stock everywhere at the moment although no one can tell me why.

SueBdoo70 Sat 11-Dec-21 15:38:18

I took Omeprazole for a few weeks after discovering that I acid reflux. It helped, but not liking to take too many medications, I decided to alter my lifestyle. The two main things I was doing wrong was lying down too soon after meals ( I have osteoporosis in my spine ) and eating a big meal often late at night with an equally big glass of wine! Also, as it’s confession time, I am a bit of a chocoholic! I’m sure some of you are thinking this woman deserves to have acid reflux! So for me at least, identifying the things I shouldn’t eat was the first step. Bananas of all things can crease me unless eaten for breakfast with cereal. Then it’s small regular meals. Being apple shaped it definitely helped to lose some weight from my belly. I would also agree with sleeping on your left side as the acid is contained where it should be and raise the top end of your bed if you can. There are times of course when I eat too much and the wrong things. I find that my body adjusts to this by producing more acid. The problem then arises when I go back to sensible eating and the acid still flows in in expectation of a lot of food. To readjust, I keep a good supply of Rennies and Gaviscon in.