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Hip replacement pre/post operation pls

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silverlining48 Mon 14-Feb-22 09:25:47

Cutting a long story short I have (at last!!) been given a date for a new hip. It will be my first proper operation so feel relieved and happy but nervous ?, All I was told at the hospital was it would be a 48 hour stay.

I don’t know anyone who has had this done and wonder if anyone with experience has suggestions or advice about what they found helpful either before or after the operation or useful aids, or anything about the whole process.
Thanks ?

silverlining48 Mon 14-Feb-22 23:10:04

Would like to say a big thank you for all the helpful comments and suggestions. Although I never was a girl guide, I do like to be prepared.
Every nugget of info helps smile

Ohmother Mon 14-Feb-22 23:26:24

I had my right hip replaced at 50 years old. Fantastic new life ?????? I’ve ridden horses, climbed a mountain and done the C25K gentle running programme since. I had a life long limp that put excess strain on my whole body but the replacement levelled me back up. No limp once I’d retrained my brain I didn’t need to.

My op was cancelled 4 times but keep positive if this happens and then after your op.

The only thing I can add that is new is buy a ‘V’ pillow. That prevents you rolling onto your side and gives you a comfortable hug. ?

FannyCornforth Tue 15-Feb-22 05:41:10

This thread is brilliant.
Thank you everyone, really useful smile
Silverlining I think that we might be having our ops around about the same time. We should keep in touch and be hip mates smile

LullyDully Tue 15-Feb-22 08:16:27

Just look forward to a pain free life........A magic operation. No looking back since I had mine a few years ago. I even felt better immediately after . Enjoy and hope all goes well.

GrannyLaine Tue 15-Feb-22 13:02:02

Watching this thread with interest - I'm having THR next Thursday. Will be having pre-op assessment / CT scan this afternoon.
Thank you to the posters who flagged Bonesmart as being helpful - found loads of good information on there last night, especially in relation to post op exercise.

FannyCornforth Tue 15-Feb-22 13:12:45

Wishing you all the very best for next week GrannyLaine
We must keep this thread on the go!

silverlining48 Tue 15-Feb-22 13:47:08

Me too Grannylaine, and look forward to hearing all about it.
Will have a look at bonesmart too. Let us know how your appointment goes Fanny, am happy to hip (h)op together.

dustyangel Sun 20-Feb-22 15:00:49

I’ve just found this thread and it has been really helpful and informative although I’ve “only” got a cracked hip bone. I spent the day in Faro A&E last Friday and eventually was discharged to get a private Ambulance organised to get home at 8.30pm. Advice was to take paracetamol and see my doctor in about a week. Ambulance women managed to get me up the 20 or so stairs outside the house, made sure I had access and left me to DH’s inexperienced care. fortunately it’s all on one floor.I’m hoping to see a private physio tomorrow who might be able to give us some more advice.

*Fanny and silverling

dustyangel Sun 20-Feb-22 15:05:28

You can tell I’m losing it! I though I’d posted this this morning. siverlining sorry for the typo with your name, it’s such a lovely name too.

NotTooOld Sun 20-Feb-22 18:25:23

THR is a fantastic operation. They send someone round to raise up your furniture and your loo seat in advance, and they come back three months later to put it back as it was. I stayed in hospital for two nights and was allowed home as soon as I could manage the stairs. The hospital physios give you an exercise sheet and it is really important that you continue to do these as well as going for a daily walk as soon as you are able. The worst part for me was sleeping on my back for three weeks but one of those v-shaped pillows helped. I was back playing badminton after, I think, four months.

Aveline Sun 20-Feb-22 18:29:51

Not everywhere 'sends' people round to raise then lower furniture. Also many places no longer have physio. Check Bonesmart re physio exercises!

GrannyLaine Sun 20-Feb-22 19:13:59


Not everywhere 'sends' people round to raise then lower furniture. Also many places no longer have physio. Check Bonesmart re physio exercises!

I was told at my pre-op check this week that the physio would assess what I needed and I would take it home with me, so a more personalised approach depending on individual need. With the most recent approaches to surgery apparently the raised toilet seat isn't necessary for everyone. I'm on the final countdown now, covid swabs at the hospital tomorrow then we're self isolating till I go in on Thursday morning.

Katek Sun 20-Feb-22 21:30:52

I had a partial replacement last January as the result of a fracture. Recovery from emergency surgery as opposed to elective is somewhat different, but I do have a couple of practical tips. Buy some Drench shower wipes - they’re much larger than standard wipes and can be warmed in the microwave as well. Ideal for all over wash until you start showering again. The other thing is to make sure you have some loose pull on dresses- like a sundress perhaps. It is much easier to pull it on than fighting to get into trousers! You also look instantly presentable! Good luck with the op. smile

FannyCornforth Tue 22-Feb-22 08:40:21

Hello Dustyangel what a painful and difficult situation. I hope that you are getting some help and feeling a bit better.
Please let us know how you are getting on.

Ohmother I’ve just noticed that you said that you were 50 when you had your op; that’s how old I am.

I feel that if they had put me on the waiting list two years ago when they should have;
instead of fobbing me off with being ‘too young’ I wouldn’t have to be going private now.

I have got my initial appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon on 10th March.

Best wishes to Silverlining, and all of the other hipsters smile

FannyCornforth Tue 22-Feb-22 08:42:39

GrannyLaine not long to go now!
How are you feeling? Do you feel well prepared?

GrannyLaine Tue 22-Feb-22 09:41:18


GrannyLaine not long to go now!
How are you feeling? Do you feel well prepared?

How lovely of you to ask. Bearing in mind that for the longest time I was terrified of the idea of surgery, I feel completely calm and ready. Had my Covid swabs done at the hospital yesterday and today I shall be putting the final things in my bag. The pre-op clinic gave me a container of Hibiscrub surgical scrub which I'm showering with daily for 5 days to reduce any risk of superbugs. Last night I discovered the joy of the simple trick of taping a disposable razor to a ruler to shave my legs. Who knew??? I'm undecided about whether I'll opt for a general anaesthetic or regional block, so will make that final decision with the anaesthetist on Thursday morning.
I'll jump on and keep you all posted about how it went once I can put a sensible sentence together.

silverlining48 Tue 22-Feb-22 10:14:26

I am thinking of you too GrannieLaine. You are leading the way so anything you tell us is helpful. Not long now and glad you are calm,
My date will overlap Easter so still have about 7 weeks and am very nervous at present.
My op is in a private hospital on the NHS and have very little information about those little things that seem so important in the middle of yet another sleepless night. So if you have any tips about useful equipment or ways of managing I am all ? ears.
Good luck and hope all
Goes very very well well. Not long now.....and breathe ?‍♀️

silverlining48 Tue 22-Feb-22 10:17:45

Hello Dusty hope you are feeling ok ? now, no problem about mistyping my name,

silverlining48 Tue 22-Feb-22 10:51:20

Fanny ? Glad you have an appointment. I had all sorts of trouble getting seen. The initial nhs referral was last June but didn’t hear for ages. Didn’t chase up as I knew they were busy but pain got worse so phoned in October only to be told they had no record of referral. I had to start again and once again would be at the end of the list. I looked for alternative options. Cutting the frustrating story short was offered an Nhs appointment at a private hospital in December. So am grateful and relieved to be having the operation there in April.
Finally 9 months after initial referral I have just received a first appointment for end March from the local nhs hospital. Would have preferred an nhs hospital but I can’t risk longer delays and am grateful I have a definite date.
It’s been a battle.

Katie59 Tue 22-Feb-22 10:57:03

You should look forward to a new life, the difference is massive, there will be pain, but take the medications and do the exercises fully and very quickly normal movement will return.

GrannyLaine Tue 22-Feb-22 11:06:52

Silverlining I'm sorry you've had such a battle to get where you are. The NHS is such a difficult place to navigate your way through these days. I had a conversation yesterday with thePractice Manager at our GP surgery about this very thing (though with a different speciality), flagging up with her that there is a fault in the referral process when a patient has to make sure that a referral has been received and acted upon.

GrannyLaine Tue 22-Feb-22 11:09:13

How are you recovering? hope things are settling down for you

Sarahmob Tue 22-Feb-22 12:09:36

Not me but my OH. We were supplied with a high toilet seat, perch stool (for washing) and a riser for one of our chairs, pre-op. He was in hospital for two nights and the physio checked that he could manage stairs on his crutches pre-discharge. I supervised his exercises (and he says I was relentless, pushing him to do more reps, or hold for longer periods of time) and he made a great recovery. Our problem was that we didn’t have a walk in shower, so he had to make do with strip washing in a bowl for 6 weeks, but we coped ok and he’s never been better. He was in so much pain prior to the op.

silverlining48 Tue 22-Feb-22 12:15:33

GrannyLaine thanks and apologies fir misspelling.
On the subject if difficulty in getting through the system my dh just delivered a short note from me to my gp and got a firm talking too. It’s not allowed!
Yes it’s very difficult these days. I havnt seen my GP fir two years and by coincidence have had onset of all sorts of aches and pains in that time.
Good luck again fir Thursday, do let us know how it goes.

FannyCornforth Thu 24-Feb-22 10:03:31

I meant to post this yesterday.

GrannyLaine wishing you all the very best for today, sending you good thoughts and vibes. ♥️?

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