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Hip replacement pre/post operation pls

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silverlining48 Mon 14-Feb-22 09:25:47

Cutting a long story short I have (at last!!) been given a date for a new hip. It will be my first proper operation so feel relieved and happy but nervous ?, All I was told at the hospital was it would be a 48 hour stay.

I don’t know anyone who has had this done and wonder if anyone with experience has suggestions or advice about what they found helpful either before or after the operation or useful aids, or anything about the whole process.
Thanks ?

FannyCornforth Mon 20-Jun-22 18:44:25

I hope that I’ll be back to my normal self soon.
It’s not really much of a stretch!

I might be around in the early hours.
It’s so nice to know that GN are here, even in the middle of the night ?

Katek Mon 20-Jun-22 18:45:20

Bump actually stands for “Bring Up My Post” - used a lot on FB and sales sites.

lemsip Mon 20-Jun-22 18:47:36

hallo FannyCornforth I was wondering how you got on since seeing your post on Friday 17th on which you said your op was that day!
so pleased to see your post..
It will only get better as the days go on. Take care, best wishes.

lemsip Mon 20-Jun-22 18:53:28

may see you on the current night owls FannyCornforth

SusieB50 Mon 20-Jun-22 18:59:49

Hello Fanny lovely to hear from you , get those laxatives down and plenty of pain killers . With loads of water too . I hope you have help, sleeping was my problem the first few days ( weeks!!) I found a pillow tucked next to to op side helped. ?

JenniferEccles Mon 20-Jun-22 19:11:17

Oh hello Fanny. I’ve been looking out for you.
Don’t be disheartened at feeling rough and in pain. It does gradually get better, honestly.
Bet you are relieved it’s all over.

Charleygirl5 Mon 20-Jun-22 19:24:03

The reason you ladies should not be sitting on the floor for many months is that you can dislocate your shiny new hip attempting to get up. You may be pain free but you are not out of the woods just yet.

Charleygirl5 Mon 20-Jun-22 19:33:53

I err on the side of caution and it should be 6-12 weeks lying on your back to sleep with a pillow between your legs, and I would say closer to 3 months before you kneel or sit on the ground.

Each consultant is different and it also differs if you have an anterior or posterior hip replacement.

In a nutshell, take it easy and rest!

Aveline Mon 20-Jun-22 19:35:50

It's nearly a year since my hip op but I still struggle to sit on the floor! Or worse- get back up again!

silverlining48 Mon 20-Jun-22 19:59:21

Good to hear from you Fanny. Its all over, thank goodness and every day it will get better, but I think I said my first week wasnt easy, and constipation is a nightmare. Am still using dioxidil powder. It works, after a fashion. hmm
To sleep I used pills, still am actually, but I cant nap during the day so fir me its necessary.
Look over some of the 40 pages, theres plenty of information which will help. Looks like we are close to 1000 posts. All that wisdom and exoerience, amazing.

silverlining48 Mon 20-Jun-22 20:00:17

Oh and I wont be sitting on the floor again!

Farzanah Tue 21-Jun-22 12:26:56

Every day will be one day nearer recovery Fanny. Look after the bowels ?

SusieB50 Wed 22-Jun-22 14:36:23

I had my physio appointment today and he was quite happy with my progress considering that I have been unwell . He gave me some resistance band exercises, but only if I feel up to it . I have tried to post a few times recently but unsuccessfully and can’t remember if I mentioned that along with the breathlessness I have an irregular heart beat !! So now waiting for results of an urgent CXR ( done over a week ago ) and an appointment for a24 hr ECG also urgent ! The only positive thing is I’m beginning to feel better and less breathless . I personally think that I had a viral infection which flared up my asthma , not Covid as I have checked several times . So can’t walk that far advised not swim as chest still “crackling” extremely frustrating.

SusieB50 Wed 22-Jun-22 14:40:09

Fanny chin up, plenty of rest, pain killers and fluids . I found 15 mls of lactulose twice a day and senakot at night worked the best with loads of fruit , veg and fresh orange juice ?

silverlining48 Wed 22-Jun-22 14:55:33

That’s good news Susie, glad you are feeling better. I already have resistance bands, red and yellow and will see physio next week. Try not to worry too much about the heart stuff, I have had similar with similar results recently. Good luck with that.
Sorry about the swimming, I know you were looking forward to returning to it. We have a few days away next week by the sea and hope to have a swim, or just a paddle, weather permitting,
Keep in touch, we aren’t far off the 1000 posts, which I think means we have to start afresh for travels, iPadGrandma and Fanny too, as well as anyone else whose questions havnt already been answered on the first 40 pages of hip hop hipsters. It’s great it’s been so well supported.

silverlining48 Wed 22-Jun-22 14:58:45

Thanks Charley, I do still use a cushion at night but sleeping on my side now but won’t be sitting down on the ground any time soon, if ever.
I had a posterior op. 8/10” scar which is healing nicely though still very red.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 22-Jun-22 15:43:07

Lovely to see you posting Fanny you’ve got this ???????

JenniferEccles Wed 22-Jun-22 16:56:50

Pleased to hear you are feeling better Susie. An irregular heartbeat must feel very scary, so it’s reassuring for you that you have been classed as urgent for scans and treatment.
I hope you enjoy your few days away at the coast silverlining. Hopefully the weather will last for you. I don’t think there is much in the way of rain forecast for the majority of the country.
Best wishes for your recovery FannyCornforth. I remember you saying you don’t like the heat so if you have the dreaded compression stockings I hope they aren’t making you too hot.
I’m afraid I abandoned mine as soon as I got home!

silverlining48 Wed 22-Jun-22 20:17:22

I didn’t wear my stockings either, I told the dr I woukd struggle to put them on and he was ok with it. I had over 4 weeks of daily stomach injections to do instead, which got worse, not better, as time went on.

silverlining48 Wed 22-Jun-22 20:26:17

Only 4 more posts to 1000.... It’s certainly an achievement so thanks to everyone who has contributed with questions, answers, support, whatever. We may just go bang, who knows.

Think it’s only Soops kitchen that gets 1000 regularly and they just open a new one. Sounds a good idea to me.

Charleygirl5 Wed 22-Jun-22 21:15:21

The Good Morning post also is like soop's kitchen which is really good.

This thread has helped many so I think it should continue.

JenniferEccles Wed 22-Jun-22 22:26:12

Yes it would be good to continue as the thread has proved to be popular.
As well as those who have contributed we have no way of knowing how many others there are who haven’t posted, yet who may have found the account of our experiences helpful.

silverlining48 Wed 22-Jun-22 22:36:25

I am sure you are right Jennifer. There are bound to have been just readers too.
I didn’t expect it to get this far but am very pleased it has. It’s helped me.
Keep wondering what happens at 1000, another couple of posts and boom. shock

silverlining48 Wed 22-Jun-22 23:11:57

Just reading through the first few pages of the thread where most people were talking about having assessments by occupational therapists snd provided with lots of aids. Not sure if it’s COVID but I had no advice about aids nor was I given anything other than a raised toilet seat and two sticks.
If it wasn’t fir the advice on here I would have really struggled.
As it is I bought a couple of items , already had others like litter pickers etc and managed pretty well. Most now put away in case there is a next time and if there is I will know what to expect and not worry like I did last time.
There is a wealth of information on here which I hope is useful and of interest to others who are perhaps at the start of their hipster journey.

iPadGrandma Thu 23-Jun-22 04:07:42

Just having a quick catch up on way back from bathroom trip, or should I say visit, as I made it back to bed safely with my two sticks!
I couldn’t manage without my ‘grabber’, have two but really need one in every room asi I seem to drop things all the time nowadays. Sweet dreams and thank you for all the posts which are so helpful.

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