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Prediabetes and High Cholesteral receipes wanted

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jeanie99 Sun 17-Apr-22 11:26:58

After keeping these under control for a long time my blood test results are showing these health issues yet again.
Just wondering if anyone has the same issues and the food they eat.
My normal eating pattern is frozen fish grilled baked or fried, only white meat,vegetables,salads,rarely pasta, oven chips a few. Stir fry veg with chicken chilly.
Apples grapes oranges, nuts.I like chocolate and do eat this and cake probably once a week.
There are a number of foods I rarely eat like potatoes,parsnips, pasta,sweet corn.
I did add liver resonantly which I had not eaten for sometime as a change and egg yolks and wondered if this had caused the spike.
I do have a reasonable understanding of the food groups and would like recipes to help me manage these health conditions if anyone could advice.
I have a heart condition and other health issues, I am not over weight at 9 & half stone so do not need to loose weight.
Appreciate any advice on this.

Antonia Sun 17-Apr-22 11:54:17

What was your Hba1c result, and your cholesterol level?

I keep my pre diabetes (fingers crossed) in the normal range, by avoiding rice and potatoes (a few chips on Sundays though).
I eat pasta which I make myself with Einkorn wholemeal flour and eggs. Einkorn doesn't spike blood sugar like modern wheat and since using it, my blood sugar levels are normal.

I make my own pâtes - chicken liver, salmon and crab, and eat a small portion of it on toast, followed by homemade veg soup.

I eat steak, carrot and parsnip mash instead of mashed potatoes, sprouts with lardons, sea bass on a bed of veg, homemade broccoli tart with a side salad of tomatoes, peppers and onions.

Regarding the cholesterol levels, I suggest you read books on cholesterol by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. Unless your levels are massively high, I wouldn't worry about them. Diet only plays a very tiny part in affecting cholesterol levels, they are mostly controlled by the liver.

Grannybags Sun 17-Apr-22 13:30:21

Have a look at the British Heart Foundation website. They have loads of really good recipes

BlueSky Sun 17-Apr-22 18:32:35

I avoid bread and pasta but eat potatoes as they don’t spike blood sugar so much. They also have good amounts of Vit C as well as fiber. Obviously not chips!

PaperMonster Sun 17-Apr-22 18:44:48

Lucky you with the spuds BlueSky they send my levels sky high!!!

jeanie99 have you got a blood sugar monitor to identify what spikes you?

BlueSky Sun 17-Apr-22 18:47:58

Really PaperMonster? So it varies between people, didn’t know that.

Urmstongran Sun 17-Apr-22 18:51:35

I’m prediabetic too. I’ve been attending a course on diabetic prevention offered by our practice nurse. It has been pretty illuminating and has certainly changed my attitude towards food. I’m now on a restricted carbs way of eating. 130g of carbs a day is recommended as more than this (the average person eats 260g per day). The NHS dietician recommended this book. It’s been an eye opener and the best £16 I’ve spent on myself in a long time. Highly recommended. Good luck!

BlueSky Sun 17-Apr-22 19:13:10

Thanks Urms ! Need to get that book!

Urmstongran Sun 17-Apr-22 19:19:14

You’re welcome! 😊

markrob7484 Sun 17-Apr-22 20:13:21

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Urmstongran Sun 17-Apr-22 20:23:04

They’re all out this Easter‼️

Chewbacca Sun 17-Apr-22 20:33:21

Loads of 'em trying to flog snake oil grin

Dollygloss Sun 17-Apr-22 20:48:39

The grapes would send my blood sugars through the roof, not to mention the chocolate. I have to look the other way when I see them in the supermarket.

Marydoll Sun 17-Apr-22 20:50:51

mark, obviously doesn't have much of a life! wink He seems to have spent much of the day on GN, flogging dead horses, as well as snake oil!

jeanie99 Sun 17-Apr-22 23:17:14

Thank you everyone for your comments it's much appreciated.
Yes I have started testing again after meals. I tested this morning and was shocked to see 10.1 and I hadn't eaten for 14 hrs, never been that high in the morning.
I'll check out the book thanks for that recommendation.
Didn't know grapes were a no no. I rarely eat potatoes pasta rice as my blood sugar shoots up.
I did wonder if now eating liver and eggs would make a difference as they are high in Cholesterol.
Perhaps I should cut out the cake and chocolate from once a week to once a month. It does make me miserable to cut out completely things I enjoy.
Hba1c is 42 they didn't say what the Cholesterol was, I should have asked.
Why was the MarkRob advert not deleted!!
Thanks again everyone.

growstuff Sun 17-Apr-22 23:17:50


The grapes would send my blood sugars through the roof, not to mention the chocolate. I have to look the other way when I see them in the supermarket.

Same here! I eat berries and "traditional" English fruits, eg apples, pears. The higher the ratio of skin and "bits" to juice the better because they provide fibre. Juicy fruits are just sugar in water (with a few vitamins).

I virtually never eat bread, pasta, rice, pasty, cereals, cake, biscuits, chocolate, squashes or root vegetables (apart from a few carrots). I never drink fruit juice or fizzy drinks and don't drink alcohol. I limit red meat and full fat dairy.

I eat lots of fish (especially oily fish), chicken, some nuts, low fat dairy, eggs, non starchy veg and salad. I'm an avid reader of packaging labels and aim to restrict my carbs to below 80-100 a day.

It restricts me quite a bit, but I've got used to it now - and it's expensive. I still find eating out a challenge because the majority of items on any menu are quite carby.

growstuff Sun 17-Apr-22 23:20:20

jeanie99 Don't worry too much about your high reading in the morning. Test again throughout the day. It's well known that the liver "dumps" glucose into the bloodstream overnight, if it senses that your sugar levels are low. Sometimes eating a small amount will bring your levels down.

growstuff Sun 17-Apr-22 23:22:21

PS. Dietary cholesterol doesn't raise the body's cholesterol level, which is controlled by the liver. I eat loads of eggs and liver maybe once a fortnight and I have low LDL and triglyceride levels.

growstuff Sun 17-Apr-22 23:23:41

PPS. HbA1C of 42 isn't too much to worry about.

jeanie99 Sun 17-Apr-22 23:29:14

Urms I forgot to say I have been on the Diabetes Prevention Program, stopped doing it half way through.
They wanted me to start exercising again and I've said no way. Not only that but mainly it was about loosing weight which I do not need to do.
In my early 70s I injured my neck and still have problems and need to be very careful. Last year I had Plantar Fasciitis doing a recommenced physio exercise and was in pain for 5 months because my change in walking created a pinched nerve in my leg.
I walk and garden and that's enough now.

growstuff Sun 17-Apr-22 23:38:02

That's a shame jeanie because exercise helps muscles to use the glucose in the blood stream and helps with insulin resistance, which you probably have.

I have quite restricted mobility, so I can't do that much, but I do try to do 30 minutes of exercise every day, even if it's only my little pedal machine or lifting weights when sitting down. I do exercises on a step, but walking up and down a few stairs would be the same. A decent physio should be able to advise.