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Itchy Skin on hips and waist - Any suggestions for Creams Lotions?

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PinkSweetPea Tue 26-Apr-22 19:28:07

I have been suffering with itchy skin around my hips and waist for a few months now. I am wondering if I am allergic to elastic as it seems to be around my underwear area! I have got some E45 cream but this does not seem to help. Just wondering what else I could try, any suggestions? Thanks

Treebee Tue 26-Apr-22 19:34:47

Cetraben is good and is now off prescription.
Might be worth wearing camisoles that can go underneath any underwear with elastic in, and making sure they’re not too tight.

PinkSweetPea Tue 26-Apr-22 19:44:49

@Treebee Thanks I will have a look for Cetraben. Good idea about a camisole I will try that.

Nell8 Tue 26-Apr-22 20:06:53

If the irritation is caused by a fungal rash it can be treated with Clotrimazole cream which is available over the counter. Boots sell an own brand version which is cheaper than Canesten, for example.

Damart sell pure cotton pants which have soft elastication that doesn't rub.

Cherrytree59 Tue 26-Apr-22 20:08:41

Zero cream
On prescription for symptoms you described OP.

Witzend Tue 26-Apr-22 20:18:10

Eurax is good - it’s specifically for itching. You can find it on the shelves at Boots.

Casdon Tue 26-Apr-22 20:30:08

I think Nell8 is most likely right, my son had ‘jock itch’. (Official term!). He plays a lot of sport, the fungal infection grows in creases of skin which are warm, and the itching was unbearable. He was prescribed a corticosteroid cream initially, but now maintains it with a clotrimazole cream (sold for athletes foot) which has resolved the itching and completely cleared his skin.

PinkSweetPea Tue 26-Apr-22 20:58:34

Thanks for those suggestions. I will have a look in Boots tomorrow.

JoyBloggs Tue 26-Apr-22 22:23:02


Eurax is good - it’s specifically for itching. You can find it on the shelves at Boots.

I second that. Eurax was very helpful when I had a problem similar to what you describe PinkSweetPea

BlueSky Tue 26-Apr-22 23:21:09

Perhaps you should mention it to your GP and go from there.

Whiff Wed 27-Apr-22 06:57:03

Dermol 500 lotion which I use everyday. Also Dermal double gel is very good both recommend by dermatologist. Use as often as you need. My skin has never been in such good condition since using the Dermol 500 lotion. Non greasy rubs in well fragrance free.

Chardy Wed 27-Apr-22 10:47:11

I find Savlon helps.

BlueSky Wed 27-Apr-22 11:21:44

Sorry to sneak in here PinkSweetPea but has anybody got a favourite cream/lotion/ointment for small patches of eczema? I do not want/can’t keep using the hydrocortisone prescribed by my GP before.

PinkSweetPea Wed 27-Apr-22 13:14:21

Thanks for all the recommendations I wrote them all down, went into Boots today and got some Cenraben as it was on offer so will give that a go. I have also ordered some cotton underwear to see if that helps.

teabagwoman Wed 27-Apr-22 14:15:52

BlueSky, my GP, who also holds dermatology clinics, recommended Zerobase which has worked well for me. She also advised me to use my cortisone cream early on and quite liberally so as to put a stop to it quickly. Her view was that if you did this you ended up using less steroid cream over all.

Cfaz49 Wed 27-Apr-22 14:21:46

If it turns out to be a fungal infection then bathing the area with a diluted solution of cider vinegar/white vinegar may help
You may be allergic to latex if it’s only in the waistband etc

silverlining48 Wed 27-Apr-22 14:36:40

No doubt way off and unlikely, but itchy skin can be connected with liver problems.

Athrawes Wed 27-Apr-22 16:13:50

I have a similar problem and find sudocrem helpful

aonk Wed 27-Apr-22 19:18:12

I know you have tried E45 but have you tried E45 anti itch cream. I get a lot of itching on my stomach and it really works.

BlueSky Wed 27-Apr-22 19:28:49

Thank you Teabagwoman very useful advice, how long do you use your cortisone cream for? Got a bit worried when I happened to read ‘steroid withdrawal’, will try Zerobase!

BlueSky Wed 27-Apr-22 20:03:30

Yes Silverlining I was thinking of that too, but then I’ve got health anxiety so I’m not the best person to advise!

Whiff Thu 28-Apr-22 10:18:26

Silverlining I have had jaundice cause by 2 tablets I was taking for decades. I didn't have itchy skin until I turned from yellow to bright red and felt like my skin was on fire and the itching was enough to drive you mad. Hence I was on 3 antihistamines and 3 sorts of creams took 2 months for my skin to stop itching and was dry and flakey and that was with the creams. That's why I always use Dermol 500 lotion daily to keep my skin supple .

Sometimes itchy skin is just itchy skin. And not liver problems .Don't forget we shed thousands of skin cells a day.

PinkSweetPea Thu 28-Apr-22 13:43:36


I know you have tried E45 but have you tried E45 anti itch cream. I get a lot of itching on my stomach and it really works.

@aonk I did not know they did a anti itch cream in the E45, thanks I will look out for that. Started using the Centraben last night and again this morning so see how that goes.

@Athrawes I think I have some Sudocrem I forgot about that so can give that try too. Thanks

silverlining48 Thu 28-Apr-22 14:19:11

Whiff that sounds really uncomfirtable. My mum had this when she was young and liver problems were only mentioned as a possible cause some time later. She was ok though.

Whiff Thu 28-Apr-22 16:08:51

Silverlining I was lucky no lasting liver damage. But was seriously ill for 5 months and was told I could have died. Only told that when my gastrologist discharged me. Took me another 4-5 months to get back to my old self.